The Millennials


As a generation of technology and social media, millennials have been put under a huge amount of scrutiny. Stereotypes have been a huge disadvantage for us in the workplace; people thinking of us as “self-centered, unmotivated, disrespectful, and disloyal” (Meyers). Unfortunately these stereotypes cause some problems with communication in the work place. Most employers do not think we are capable or skilled enough for the job. They also do not think we are prepared to take on much of the work that comes with the job, thus making it tough for us to raise up in the work force and get a promotion in a reasonable time frame. Although these are huge set backs for us, I believe we can rise above the stereotypes and show that we are skilled, prepared, and responsible enough for the jobs we want and further, be valued employees.

As a millennial myself, technology comes as a second language. An article from Virgina Comonwealth University, says that many of our elders would say that the use of technology is a waste of time and a way to avoid real work situations. This may be true, but they are also looking past a wide range of things we are able to do because of technology. People may think of us as people who are unmotivated to speak face to face/are unable to communicate with others because we do it through our computers. The good thing that many don’t understand is that online writing and communication is what everyone will need to know how to do in the coming years. By learning how to communicate online efficiently by creating appropriate emails, chats, articles, etc. will ultimately diminish the stereotype of being unmotivated people. Trading and exchanges are all done online now, emails and messaging are too, and by being well equipped to write online is going to be an advantage to this generation as the world quickly turns into a global technological age.

We can combat the stereotypes by actually doing as the elders do. From this BBC article, undergraduates need more help with communication skills than older graduates. Being in college, I do think this is true, because for the most part, people are terrified for public speaking, interviews, meetings, etc. I have to agree that this is because of our communication on multiple sources of technology. We need to be more prone to formal writing and addressing our authorities with class. I can see that our generation has become so accustomed to the informal way of texting and tweeting, that it carries into the way we talk and communicate over email and in-person conversations. By taking things more seriously and by practicing the way we talk and write, I know that our generation will move up and be taken more seriously. Showing your employers that we are willing to learn correct writing skills and talking approaches will earn us more respect and get rid of the stereotypes of being unmotivated, self-centered, and disrespectful. The key to success is the amount of dedication we have to learning to be better and achieving goals we strive for.

Stereotypes for millennials are very relevant. However, we are able to rid of them if we approach them with the matter of knowing what we are doing wrong and how to correct them. By taking the reigns and being a leader we will be able to learn the right way of doing things in the work place; or we can even start earlier, now, in school. Learning how to communicate efficiently in-person and on paper in school will be beneficial for applications, jobs, and life in general! We must respect to get respect and I believe we can do this if we put down our phones, look up from our computers, and talk, write, and listen.



One thought on “The Millennials

  1. I like your post because in your post you are not affirm all the stereotypes of millennials. Your thoughts is we all try our best you to improve our stereotypes from order generation. Also technology may bring us some negative effect, like we do not how to communicate effective with others, but we will accept the suggestions from others. And I totally agree with you that we need to “ take more seriously and by practicing the way we talk and write” I think the professional writing and talking will help us a lot in the work place.

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