Workplace Rhetoric

All Millennials like myself will be entering into the work force soon, in the near future and i believe that we need to be able to write more professionally and have some type of knowledge in the user-centered design. I believe that if we use this type of writing when we enter the workplace we will be able to show employers that we can stand out from the rest, some type of differentiation to help us put us one step ahead of our peers. This is also very important when it comes to your resume, you want to present yourself in such a matter where you can separate yourself from the rest.  According to US we need to show the employer or whoever happens to be reading our resume or something that we wrote a need, or a purpose for why they our reading the piece.

One of the more important things that i have realized while looking at user-centered design is the audience, it may even be more important than the purpose for your writing. The audience is who and what you need to please, if you do not do this there is no point in the reader even trying to understand the purpose. An issue that i face constantly in my writing is repeating phrases over and over, i do not even realize that i might have said the same word or phrase more than once. Bad grammar is also something else that i have an issue with, bad grammar is one of the most unprofessional things to do, and if you have bad grammar in your resume or paper that your audience is reading it could cost you big time. According to bad grammar is the number one reason someone can lose a job before they even have an opportunity to get it. So us millennials as a whole need to focus on our grammar more, a big issue that i find it texting. Texting causes us to use slang such as “gonna” and “wanna” rather than going to and want to, we have grown up in such a technological world sometimes we may lose sight of the professional aspect of writing.

Something that is very important and i am seeming to get out of this user centered idea i that, our writing is for the reader, which may be common sense to some people but when i usually write, i write for myself or for fun. Therefore it is very important that as millennials the so called “me me me” generation, that when we write we don’t lose sight on why were writing and we remember who we writing for, even when its not for ourselves.

Careers can be made or ruined by writing, if you use a user-centered design style of writing and use it correctly you will not have to worry about writing ruining a job for you. Millennials as a generation don’t read as much, therefore we don’t write as much either. One of the reasons my mother is so good at grammar and writing is because of how much reading as a kid and learned for just doing, the issue with our generation is we don’t read, we watch, we listen, which is not a bad thing because we our a product of our environment but this article by Time Magazine shows why in this day and age it is still so important to be a good writer. The most writing that we do as a generation is 140 characters in a tweet and that is an issue, there are some things that millennials get blamed for that are not true, but this is one of those things that i believe we can change if we start to read more then a tweet or a status update.

At the end of the day it is still important to be a good writer and use proper rhetoric and if we do this, we can use it to our advantage in the workplace and have a leg up on the competition. rhetorical-triangle.png


2 thoughts on “Workplace Rhetoric

  1. Austin,

    Being able to identify the audience we are writing to in a business setting is crucial in order to make sure we are writing on the exact prompt. Also realizing what the reader needs to get out of this piece of writing helps realize what ideas should and should not be put into the paper. I also struggle at times with my grammar using slang words and such, and seems to be a problem for all millennials. Like you said, bad grammar really can back to haunt someone with something like receiving a job or not and is something all millennials need to work on improving. Writing with proper grammar also builds respect with other co workers and shows that you know what you are talking about. Overall, being able to use better grammar and also using the user-centered design approach to writing can really help millennials separate themselves and lead to success.

  2. I’m going a little bit out of order here, but your final paragraph is simple and effective. Possessing proper writing skills will allow us to set us apart from the competition and have a leg up in the super competitive job world. We must do everything in our power to set ourselves apart, and this can start by improving our writing skills and realizing how to implement user-centered design into our work.


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