Benefits of Effective Writing

As technology advances year by year, the millennial generation is slowly but surely beginning to lack proper skills in 26452116_sbusiness writing. This lack of ability to effectively write in the work place is only causing us harm and, additionally, we lose credibility because of this. As students looking to get a job in the near, near, future it is absolutely crucial that we become experts at writing. This may come as a painful thought because writing is not the most fun of activities, but in order to clearly convey our thoughts it is very important in this day in age. has a great article that talks about how knowing how to write is going to be valued and respected in the workplace. By paying attention to your writing (grammar, spell check, revision) will help you become more credible and a better candidate to the job you are applying to.

So how does one do this, you might ask. Well the answer is easy! As addresses, knowing whom you are talking to is vital and, to my personal stance on this topic, is the most important way to convey your message clearly. Rhetorical awareness and user-centered design is our best friend and will help us write in a professional manner and do it well. A cover letter is a great example to start with. Cover letters, just as resumes, are a form of persuasion; in order to do this, you will also need to be aware of the people who you are trying to convince to give you an interview/job. By lacking rhetorical awareness we can fall into a writing style “focused more on the subject than on the audience.” ( Knowing who you are writing to will help your ability to effectively address their wants and needs, and also showcase why you are perfect for the job. There will be tons of different situations where the use rhetorical awareness is crucial, such as writing a report for someone, an article in a magazine, a speech, etc. The ability to understand how to be aware while writing will help our generation effectively deliver a purpose (the goal of your writing), the audience (who you’re talking/writing to), and a context (the why).

As well as knowing who your audience is while you’re writing, being purposeful and concise is the next most important point. In college, if I have learned one thing, when you are talking to your target audience, do NOT stray from your topic. With that being said, get strait to point is my advice. Often times, I see myself, babbling about irrelevant things that I’m trying to relate back to my topic. By doing this we lose a connection with our audience. If we know the purpose of what we are writing, all we need to do is put it into sentences that concisely prove the message. The purpose of whatever you’re writing is telling your audience why you are writing it. No extra information is needed. This article has some great tips on how to be articulate in your writing.

Communication is how millennials will succeed nowadays, verbally and in writing. By being concise and knowing your audience will help aid you in the work place. This will make you a more credible writer and, as I talked about in my last blog, will earn you respect from your employers. We are put under a lot of pressure to perform well and if we learn now how to effectively write we are one step closer to taking some stress off our shoulders. Those who know how to write properly will thrive in the work force and beat those who don’t into the job positions desired.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Effective Writing

  1. Tate,
    As we begin our professional lives, I agree that it is important that we can type well thought out papers that keep our readers in mind as we construct papers. It is also important for us to keep a focus on our topic and not become strayed; we do this by revising a paper at the end and reading out loud to see if it is clear and concise from a readers perspective. Im excited for my professional career, and think we will all kill it!
    -Aaron Berns

  2. Tateh,
    Great post! I really like how you emphasized the importance of the rhetorical awareness and knowing who your audience is for a cover letter. It seems rather obvious, but it is an important factor that can be easily overlooked when trying to be persuasive in a cover letter. You tie that in nicely with your advice of being concise. It’s very easy to stray away from topic when writing; I do it all the time. You showed the reader the importance of the two factors, and how them coming together can make any millennial a strong writer!

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