Blog Post #2


To my fellow millennials, there are two extremely important concepts that will not only enhance the intellectual nature of your professional writing but will also help you more deeply understand the value of truly understanding what your target readers want to hear. These two concepts of rhetorical analysis and user-centered design can build your perspective of why, how, and what you write for so many different reasons. These two concepts can also be applied everyday and the decisions and actions you make in the overall aspect of life. As millennials, over 70 percent of us want to work for a large corporation someday. This being said, we need to fine tune how we present ourselves. What I see as being one of the most important components of anyone’s professional writing is authenticity. Making your writing as “one of a kind” or that fully exemplifies your personality is important. While this is being said, both user-centered design and rhetorical analysis both emphasize the importance of knowing who you are writing to. For example, if you are creating a resume depending on the industry, job, or company you may want to alter it so that the activities, skills, experiences, etc. are more relatable and significant to the different recruiters who are seeking job candidates. In our day and age, social media and the internet is being used more than ever. What this means is that professional writing is not just something that you present with a hard copy, but can also be presented online. Whether writing on blogs, a personal website, or business emails, it’s important to still contain a sense of professionalism in your writings. Too often with millennials the amount of professionalism is diminished because we tend to casually text and message without formality, which could come off as unprofessional to many recruiters. To avoid this, millennials should understand the importance and scholarly text that they should display when writing to the company for which you want to work for. This is especially important to note since 48 percent of millennials want to have the same one or two jobs throughout their career. Knowing who you are writing to and why you are writing is important to note. Knowing why you are writing may seem obvious but, at times, millennials could overlook the reason for why they started writing the paper and just focus on impressing the recruiter. This is a mistake because if you solely focus on impressing the recruiter it can take away from an individual’s authenticity. Internships are a particularly great way to express your professional writing skills because they can be building blocks for getting a job and giving a lasting impression on recruiters who tend to be surprised at millennials who carry themselves well. Whether in school, just graduating, internship, or getting a job soon these particular skills to focus on to give yourself an edge against other candidates. At the end of the day, first impression is everything and knowing your audience while still being true to yourself is extremely valuable because it is what will ultimately set yourself apart from anyone else. So the takeaways I will leave you with today millennials are: be true to yourself, be formal with your writing, know your target audience, and understand the importance of why you are writing whatever professional piece you are writing.


3 thoughts on “Blog Post #2

  1. Kyle,
    I completely agree that we are now in an age of technological takeover, and can use it to our advantage in our professional lives in the future. The most important part, as you talked about, is that we maintain a sense of professionalism when interacting online. Once things are online, they stay online, and everyone has the ability to view what you posted.

    -Aaron Berns

  2. Kyle,
    Authenticity is a very important concept that should be used in writing. I feel that rhetorical analysis and user-centered design help the writer make sure they are staying authentic and true to themselves. Showing who you really are and not trying to be something you are not in your writing helps future employers see your true colors. Like you said, adapting something like your resume to fit a certain job is key because some jobs think certain skills are more important than others. In the end, like you said, I believe staying true to yourself and knowing your audience are key factors that can be used in rhetorical analysis and user-centered design to make your writing better than before.

  3. Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for the thoughtful post on user-design and professional rhetoric. I think it is so important to maintain professional online, although that can definitely be tricky at times. We are expected to use social media for personal and professional aspect of our lives and it definitely is hard to maintain that balance. By understanding scholarly text we are able to maintain that professionalism online as well as keep that balance of using it personally.

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