Professional writing in work place


Today there are more and more millennials are starting their professional career in different kinds of jobs. We can see there are a lot of works are requiring you have professional writing skills. An article from Forbes gives advises to all of the new graduates, the top one is the writing skill, Having a professional writing skills in working is a key point to succeed in your future career. As for the professional writing there are two important points we need to focus on, there are user-centered design and rhetorical awareness. These two big concepts have to be clear and keep in mind when you are writing your resume or even you start your career you are wiring your business journal, conference summary.

The millennials grow up with internet and new technology, they are familiar with twitter, Facebook… And they are getting use to internet slangs, and using them a lot in the daily life. Rhetorical awareness of a professional paper is including the purpose of why you are writing, you need to know your audience well, all the background of the paper. As a millennials we should understand that when we are in college, the audience for all of our papers is professors or our classmates. Even if you not doing well in one of your paper they will not blame you. But in the work place, it is important to know that, who are you writing for, the reasons why you are writing this report. Keep in mind that it is important to figure these questions out before you are starting your work. From the article Effective Writing for the Workplace one of the suggestion is knowing your audience. Before you starting to write your report it is important to clarify who your audience is and the purpose you are writing this report, keep these concept in your mind while you are writing because sometimes we will lose control of our writing. Make a draft and list your ideas can help you have a good and logical structure of your report. We are all getting used to the online post in the Facebook or twitter, but avoid using some unprofessional internet slangs.
As we know writing is another way to communicate with others, the proper information you provide in your report can help you conveying messages effortlessly. After we have a clear goal and the audience in our mind. We need to think about the details of the report, understand and know how to apply user-centered design concept in your writing report is I important. One article from writing commons ,this article mentions that is always important to remember audience-centered, not writer-centered. You need to be clearly and conciseness provide all the information the reader wanted. Sometimes in college we like to talk a lot of unrelated stuff in our paper in order to meet the words requirements, but that makes people tried to read and hard to find valuable information in your paper. But in the working place you need to notice that and trying to keep your report as clear as possible. Sometimes if your report is including some data information, you’d better to provide the graphics for the readers, because most of the time the graph can explain the results better than your words.

One last important thing when you are finishing your report. Is “edit, edit, edit”, in the professional working place, your boss and coworkers do not want to see the spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Also the logical is really important for a good report, sometimes during your writing, you may feel too much to say in your report and ignore your logical of your report.The best way to solve this problem is trying to read your report loud, and you will find a lot mistakes.


3 thoughts on “Professional writing in work place

  1. I agree that writing skills are important to every career. No matter what you find yourself doing for a career you will find yourself writing. Obviously some careers will be more strenuous and require more intense writing, but either way you will be writing later in life. That is why it is important to understand the concepts you mentioned above. I really like your suggestion about making a draft and listing your ideas. This can be very helpful for organizing yourself before you start just throwing stuff on the paper, and in turn will make your draft much more polished. Thanks for the great post!

  2. I agree that it is important now more than ever to begin focusing on writing as we begin our journey as professionals. I think we have the technology at our fingertips in order to become great writers. Great post, with interesting ideas!

    -Aaron Berns

  3. Great post. The fact is, we have to have strong writing skills in order to be successful, as you mention. Almost every career path requires a proficient writing skill. If you do not possess the necessary writing skills, your potential will likely be hindered. I also like how you mention our familiarity to internet slangs and what not. We must break away from these habits in order to excel in the professional world.


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