User-Centered Design

I am writing on behalf of millennials and our writing skills. It is so important to be a good writer in today’s day and age. Since most of the time we are writing now is either to a client, our superiors, or peers. If we want to change this trend that we have going on now about millennials being lazy and not hard workers, it should start with our writing ability. The first thing an employer will see is your resume, and if there is any type of bad grammar or spelling mistake, you have already hurt your chances, and maybe even lost yourself the job. According to, User-centered design is an approach that supports the entire development process with user-centered activities, in order to create applications which are easy to use and are of added value to the intended users. This is similar to how Purdue OWL described but with more emphasis on writing. User-centered designs are suppose to be easy to read, easy to get around with clear and understandable writing. I believe that if millennials like myself become able to master user-centered design, that is easy to read for all different kinds of people, our writing will be more professional and effective.

The biggest issue with millennials, including myself especially, is we like to ramble on about certain topics when we are writing and can sometimes get side tracked when writing. We need to be more consistent in our writing with correct format to use user-centered design correctly. If millennials use proper tone and use correct language that has the paper flow it will be much easier for people who are reading the paper to follow. This correct dialogue in papers is key and get help readers find what they are looking for much easier.

If we want to use user-centered design in our writing we first need to understand how to use it. As stated in there are 3 main processes that need to be followed when using user-centered design to be effective. Design for the users and their tasks, Be consistent, Use simple and natural dialogue. These 3 things all touch upon what I was getting at earlier in my paper, that we need to display our writing with flowing and interesting dialogue. We must keep our work consistent and stay on topic so we do not let our thoughts start to wander off. The whole point of user-centered design, as from what I have read, is to focus on the user. The user is the whole reason we are writing this, we are not writing for ourselves, so we need to make sure that the paper or assignment we are writing stays on task and helps the user comprehend the point of our writing. This also means our work must be clear cut so the person reading can find what they are looking for easy, therefore our writing must be in line with what the user is looking for.

Writing as a millennial we sometimes forget who our audience is, so millennials lets not forget who is actually reading our paper, if we want to write for ourselves have a diary. The world is not as nice as we think, and if we don’t start to improve our writing now and master the art of user-centered design we will never be taken seriously. According to Writing Commons we need to remember that the audience does not care about silly things we might think are important to put in a paper. We need to start focusing not only on who the audience is, but why are they reading our paper. Is it an informative paper, is it a blog, is it a persuasive essay, is it a first person dialogue. The first step to understanding your audience is, is to first realize why they are reading it in the first place. That is the most important thing I have taken out of reading up on User-Centered design and if we millennials start to realize and master this style of writing, our writing will continue to improve. I am not saying this is an easy style of writing but if you follow the steps on how to write like this we can all enhance our writing skills.



2 thoughts on “User-Centered Design

  1. Hi Austin,

    Thank you for the thoughtful post! I really enjoyed a lot of your points. We are a lot a like in the fact that I ramble too. There are a lot of times that I do not know how to focus my points and then my writings get pretty lengths or I add a lot of unnecessary information. By using these user-centered design, i absolutely think that we are able eliminate that excess in our writing.

  2. Austin,

    Your post really helped with understanding user-centered design and how to properly employ it in my writing. I can relate to your second paragraph where you mention how it is so easy for us to ramble. So many times when I am writing I just being to ramble on and on. It is very important that we avoid doing this in order to effectively write for our readers.


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