User – centered design

In professional work environment, writing is one of the traditional way to transfer information. There are a lot of millennials are enter in their professional business career now, some of them are new employee in the company, they need to writing meeting summary for their managers or boss and provide useful resources for their coworkers. Or other millennials are managers now, they are writing important notice to their subordinate to passing the information. Writing is another way to communicate with other people, the well- structured report can bring people good impression. Although people don’t see your face they can also feel you are professional and well organized person. The user centered design concept can help us write more efficiency and structured.

An article from Forbes  mentions that “Use a straightforward sentence structure–subject, verb, object–that people can read quickly” this is the point we are easily ignore, sometimes when we are writing something we just write what we want to say and ignore the composition of sentence. But change words in one sentence can make a lot differences, the Forbes article give a good example of that, “Instead of writing “The meeting was led by Tom,” write: “Tom led the meeting.” For this two sentences we can easily tell the sentence “Tom led the meeting.” is more emphasizes the important point. While the other one “The meeting was led by Tom” this sentence seems ok but in the professional writing it will lose persuasion. People may think, the leader of the meeting is not important. So we need to use active verbs instead of passive verbs to make our information more clearly.

The structured business or paper will leave people a good image of yourself. One article from business writing give us three suggestions , one of the suggestion is “providing the main points quickly and clearly in the message so that the reader can find it easily” This is an important factor for us to write business professional papers, the audience for your business writing is always our bosses, managers, coworker, clients. Although these are different audience for our report, the all have the same appeal that is they want clear and structured work in front of them. They are all very busy people they want to find the important points immediately. So one of the efficiently way to improve our writing is using subheads in your long papers, distinguish different parts of your paper. Or making an outline that makes people easily to find what they want. Give a good conclusion for your paper is always a good way to summary your important points and leave people a good impression on your paper. There are three important factors you need to notice when you are writing your conclusion: “Topic sentence; supporting sentences; Closing sentence”. There is another way to make your paper more structured that is trying to give a summary sentence for every paragraph, this way can help people easily to understand what you are taking about and it’s beneficial for you to provide more specific details in the following paragraph. The last but not least, a good paper with user centered concept need to be logical. You can’t just randomly write your thoughts without causality, the advice from me is always prepare a draft for what you are writing for, list clearly the important points of the paper, the draft can help you keep track. Finally, you need to check again and again before you are presenting your paper in front of other.

In summary, a good user centered paper need the author clearly understand who the author is, then conduct a structured, logical content.



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