Reflection Post

There are many things that I have gained from this class that I can now use to further my personal brand in the future. The next thing I will do in the to prepare myself for a job is to continue updating my resume with more and more relevant facts about myself and continue to use my Personal Website to brand myself more accurately. There are definitely some things that I would like to change about my personal website. First I would like to start by making it look more professional and have it flow more, have my website look more like my own personal website for my personal brand, rather than just another school assignment that I did for writing class. This is because a personal website is a great asset and can show a lot to employer if they see this, but if it is not put together well, is choppy, and overall just does not look serious, this can really hurt my chances at a job. I would definitely not do it all over again, I believe my website has some great information on it and can effectively show who I am not only in the business world but also personally. There are just a few nuts and bolts I feel I have to work out, but besides that I think I am starting to get on the right track. This class showed me how to properly set up my LinkedIn profile, this was a great tool and a great thing I learned because this is the type of hiring through social media is more and more prevalent in companies today and if you have a well put together LinkedIn it could serve you greatly in the future.


The next thing I want to do to make my personal brand more cohesive and professional is rather than just making all of these great things to get a job, I want to start to go out and talk to these companies that i want to work for. If I start to show my interest in these large companies and talk to their recruiters at CU my sophomore year, they will remember these little things in the future, and all of this great personal branding to go along with it will help a great deal.

One thing that I need to do to improve my personal brand in the job market is to improve my interviewing skills, I feel as if the class did a good job at improving my public speaking from time to time with the Skype calls and presentations, but I know personally that i need to improve those skills and be able to think quickly on my feet in a high pressure interview situation.


I hope to use these skills and great tools that I learned in Writing 3040 in the future. I believe that the new ways of thinking and writing that I learned in this class are going to be very helpful in the work force and when looking for a job. From the beginning of the class I wanted to go in with the mindset this is more than just a class and if I use these new tools to my advantage I can really get a lot out of this. That is exactly what I did, I have much more professional linkedIn, a correctly formatted resume, and my own website to personally brand myself for future job opportunities. I want people who take this class in the upcoming semesters to take full advantage of these assignments and new ideas because that will help them much more in the long run, rather than looking at this class as something that is required to take.


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