Wrapping up my sophomore year in college, I am beginning to look ahead towards the job market and plan for future careers. To land my dream job I plan on doing a couple things. boulder campusMost importantly I need to focus on my studies and continue to work towards my degree. In addition to this, however, I am going to continue developing my personal branding strategy to set myself apart from other job applicants. To future develop my personal brand I am going to continually update my website. I plan to update my information, projects, and the other content as needed, to display myself as up to date and professional as possible. One of the most important projects we have done that I need to make sure is up to date is my cover letter. Cover letters are the first things employers see and judge you off of, so I believe it is important to continually update and polish it. Also, the other aspects of our personal branding strategy that we have made this semester will be useful and will need updating as well, such as the resume presentation. By making sure these are all polished, clean, and professional I will be able to give myself an advantage over many other applicants.

In addition to polishing my personal brand, it is important that I continue to get real world experience that will translate into the job market. I plan on doing this through internships, as well as community involvement. I think internships are where I will focus the bulk of my attention, as they directly translate into future careers, but community involvement can also help add to my professionalism. By becoming more involved I can continue to improve my character, and use this involvement to showcase to employers I have strong morals as well. Improving my work experience and showing employers I care about my community will help to make me a more desirable job candidate.


These are the two photos I used to make my website more personal

I think my website turned out very well, after making some revisions. Before I revised my website it wasn’t very “personal.” I just had a generic IMG_5277picture and basic background that didn’t give the viewer a good sense of who I am. After talking with Allison and discussing some changes, I think it is a much better representation of myself, and a much more “personal website.” To make the website more personal, the most successful change I made was to the pictures. I made the header photo a picture of me fishing and the background a picture of me on a hike. These photos give the viewer a much better sense of who I am as an individual, and also are more cohesive with my  personal branding strategy as a whole. In addition to changing the page setup, I worked on my writing and fixed some issues I had with passive voice in order to make my writing more active, engaging, and professional. Overall I am very pleased with how it turned out, but I will need to continue to update it to keep it as useful and informative as possible.

During this semester, although not always enjoyable, we made some very useful documents and projects that will come in handy when applying for jobs. I had been lacking on my professional development, and this class really pushed me to get it started. This class was very helpful and useful, and I would highly recommend it to other students. It was a great class to learn how to properly present and develop yourself as a business professional, which is crucial to individuals in the business field. Now I will need to be my own advocate and make sure I continue this development, even though I won’t have deadlines motivating me. Overall I think this was one of the most useful classes I have ever taken in preparing me for a career.


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