Reflection Time

Transferring to CU this year after two years at Drexel University, I did not know what to expect in many aspects and academics was one of them. I wondered how different the classes were going to be and how I would change as a student and with my personal brand itself. As this semester and school year has flown by, I am confident that my personal brand has improved and I have added many useful skills that will come into use as time goes on. As tedious as the blog posts were at times, having done that much writing has helped toned and refined my writing skills. I can tell by the way I go about writing now that I have a more mature and experienced tone in my writing from all the writing I did this past semester. It is crazy to think that I will be starting my senior year in the fall and will start looking for jobs shortly after that. It feels as though that time would never come, but now it is approaching and I am both excited and nervous for it. I am going to enjoy what I have left of college and gain as many useful skills and ideas that will help increase my personal brand even more than what it already has this semester.


One of the ways I feel that my personal brand grew was through creating a personal website. I never really thought there was a point to creating a personal website, but there are many uses to it and can help you stand apart from other people. My personal website has helped me realize and understand what my strengths and weaknesses are as well as things that I have already accomplished and things that I would like to accomplish in the future. The template I have for my website gives the reader an idea of what type of person I am and is easy to navigate and find out more about me. I hope a person looking at my website sees me as motivated, a problem solver, approachable, and a person they can trust. I would want an employer to feel based on my website that I am someone they feel confident hiring and can bring lots of new ideas to the company. I feel as though this platform gives people a great idea of who I am before even meeting me. To go along with the personal website, my resume presentation has expanded my personal brand to more than just describing myself on a piece of paper. This presentation is a story that goes through who I am, my experiences, my education, and skills that differentiate me from anyone else. It is easy to go along with and has a nice chronological order to it as well. Instead of just having a resume on a piece of paper, this presentation brings a new spark to my personal brand and brings a new aspect and thought into my personal brand and resume.


Going into the business world and workforce, being able to differentiate yourself from other people is a key and can help bring success early on in your career. I feel as though I am headed in that direction with all the tools and skills I have acquired this semester that have improved my personal brand. My writing skills have improved tremendously, I have adapted and learned many new skills with technology, and have gained useful skills that in the end have helped improve my personal brand and will come in handy as next year approaches and I start to look for a full time career in the business world.

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