Reflection post

graduation-clip-art-school-2One semester of learning how to build personal brand, I’m starting to getting to know the importance of building a personal brand. The personal brand is the first image we are using to showing people what kind of person I’m and what positive attitudes I have. The online personal website can help people know who you are before they meet you. The LinkedIn page helps me build professional network. I’m going to graduate in May, but I have to say that I did not fully prepare for the job market. I’m applying postgraduate program, but I decide to find an internship to gain some real work experience in summer. When I’m thinking about find a summer internship, the first website I visit is LinkedIn. I think LinkedIn provides a lot of valuable jobs and internship opportunities. And the website will send you emails weekly about some jobs you may interested in. When I’m writing my resume, I found out that I don’t even have real work experience, so I think I need to do find an internship as soon as possible. After finish the internship in summer, I think that is a good work experience to fill in the resume. Also visit career office more often than before help me get a lot valuable information’s about job market and how to prepare for interviews.

zuozuo.pngAfter I read again my personal brand assignment, I think I need to change my LinkedIn page. First of all, I need to put a professional photo, the photo I put in my LinkedIn is just the visa photo, that is not attractive and I did not wear shirt. It is seeming not professional. I think the photo is another way to tell people who you are, they can use photo to predict your personality. Also I need to add more information for personal summary. I need to talk about what I’m looking forward to do and my current situation, the industry I want to work in the future. The other important thing I need to add in my linked in page is, I need to connect more people in LinkedIn, because they may provide me an opportunity or recommend me to a potential employer. For the resume presentation I may need to add more slides, because I do not have many work experience, so I think I may add some slides to talk about the projects I have done in college, help employers to identify my skills and professional business knowledge.

Here is my personal website link.I think my personal website is just present a very basic information. For my personal website I need to add more picture’s and more information. But there are few aspects I like my personal website, because I use my name to in the personal website link, when they are searching my name it is easy for people to find my personal website. Although the website looks very simple but I mentioned a few important information about me, the resume, help potential employee to know me. I love photography, so I upload two of my favorite pictures in the website. But I think I still need to format my personal website more nicely, make it more clear, and add my LinkedIn page in the website. so when people want to get more information about me, they can easily connect to my LinkedIn page. The visual image can always attract people, so I need to add more images for my personal website.

One semester study how to build personal brand, it is really helpful and it is a good opportunity for me to get familiar with how to write a good resume and cover letter.


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