The Next Step…

Wow, it seems like it was just yesterday when we began this course, and now it’s about to end. It is even crazier to think that in one week I will officially be a junior at CU! Just as this course and semester flew by, all of my time here has gone so quick. Soon I will be somewhere in the world starting my career.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.23.19 PM
Rhode Island; My Beautiful Home

Although I am looking forward to a relaxing summer back east!I have learned a multitude of valuable skills and concepts that I will definitely continue to use through school and into my professional life. I’ve also gone from not having any sort of personal brand to having one that I am quite proud of, thanks to this class.


Although, my personal brand is never done growing and getting better. I will still have to dedicate myself to maintaining a top-notch personal brand. As for my next steps in preparing for the job market, there are many. My search for a summer internship is still not over, as I have interviews coming up. Obtaining an internship this summer is a key step to preparing myself for the professional world. Alongside my summer work search, I will also continuously work on my personal brand, by fine tuning it and adding updates as I grow and develop. It is so important to have a good personal brand when looking and applying for jobs and internships. A solid brand can easily set you apart from your peers, so you can not forget about it! Another step in preparing for the job market is to kill my finals next week and finish the semeste
r with a good GPA.

A huge addition to your personal brand is a personal website. When a potential employer Googles your name, what comes up? Do they only see old social media posts and news articles about your high school sports career? They are likely to see only things of that nature when you don’t have a website. If you do have a personal website, it sets you apart from your peers and allows potential employers to see a side of you that can not be easily translated through a resume or cover letter. I am proud of my website, which can be found here, but I definitely think there is still much room for improvement.
When I was building my website, I wanted to give people an insight into my personal life and past as well as my professional life and abilities. I did this by adding various sections to my site, ranging from a “Who Am I” page to a portfolio of work I have done throughout school. Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.06.11 PM

As mentioned earlier, it is important for people to see both your personal side and your professional side. For my website design, I chose to incorporate professional, personal and also simple elements. As you can see above in the above image, my site is simple and easy to navigate. My header image encompasses my personal connections and past with the image of my home state of Rhode Island on the left. On the right, I am displaying my passion and goals for the finance industry, represented by an image of a stock ticker. My site isn’t perfect, but I have created a solid base that I will continue to build and improve!Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.23.19 PM.png I could write so much about my website, but this post isn’t supposed to be a novel! Head on over to my wesbite and check it out to learn more about me!

Another aspect of the personal brand that I enjoyed creating and find important to my brand was my visual resume. This allowed me to turn my resume from a boring sheet of black ink on white paper intoScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.13.11 PM a mesmerizing presentation that expresses so much about me.
I had never heard of a visual resume until this class, and now I will continue to update and use mine throughout
my life! Like my website, I choose to keep my visual resume simple, but attractive and encompassing.

All in all, I have learned so much in this course that I will remember for years to come and implement these skills into my career. Thank you, Allison and everyone in this class, for the great semester! I wish everyone the best in life and good luck on finals!

James Conway Eline


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