Oh How Far We’ve Come

When I started this course I thought I had a well put together social media presence with little to be ashamed of and enough security settings to keep my professional persona separate from my personal pages. Boy was I wrong. After the personal branding series I realized there was much to improve upon before I graduate and begin my career. Specifically, I found that I was not conveying a single impactful message and that the majority of my posts and engagements were empty or meaningless.

Moving forward I plan to make the following adjustments to my social media platforms. Seeing that these are free and owned media platforms it would be silly of me to not take advantage of the free press especially heading into a career in sales.

Resume Presentation 5

Linkedin: Prior to the course I thought having 500+ connections and a decently organized landing page was enough to get me by as it had already landed me several positions to date. After the course and some exploring on Linkedin, I have identified several active discussion groups within my field that could prove handy for networking as well as serving as an avenue for me to become a thought leader amongst my peers. I have since set a goal for myself to contribute once a month to the groups once I start my job in June.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.21.24 AM

Facebook: Although I view Facebook as a convenient tool for keeping in touch with friends, I have found that slowly but surely it has become meshed into my professional appearance. As a result I have committed to balancing out images of work and play and to avoid sharing click bait. I feel that by making these tiny adjustments I can portray my personal life in a fashion that reflects my professional aspirations.

In regards to my personal website, I am extremely proud with my end product as I pushed the boundaries of my WordPress skills to create a parallax format webpage. What I like most about the website is that it reads like an interactive resume where potential employers or peers can click through instantly to my references, social media pages, or even reach out directly. If I could do it again I would without a doubt make an effort to include more photos of myself on the site. Similar to my problem with Facebook, I simply do not have enough photos  of myself that are 100% professional in appearance.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.22.58 AM.png

All in all I am feeling prepared and confident in my ability to right professionally and create documents and webpages that are as meaningful as they are pretty.


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