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Recognizable me: Hello all! My name is Brett Berns.  I was born in Long Beach, California and I grew up in a small surf town just south of Long Beach known as Huntington Beach or Surf City USA.  I just got home from studying abroad in Barcelona where I was lucky enough to get to travel all over Europe with a very close group of friends. I fell in love with traveling while I was abroad and am looking forward to exploring Asia once I graduate in the coming spring. I love the outdoors and am always ready to leave town when the opportunity arises.

Where I’m at: I will be a senior in the upcoming fall with a major in finance at the Leeds school of business. I have worked in sales for the past four summers for various industrial companies in the port of Long Beach and have chosen finance as my area of emphasis because I believe that it will help me start and run my own business in the future.

This summer I am back home in Huntington Beach, California where I am working part time as a salesman for The Berns Company, a forklift parts business in the harbor of Long Beach. Besides working, I am taking a total of six credits throughout the summer in order to successfully graduate next spring on the four-year plan. This is my first time taking summer classes and boy am I sure busy!

What I want: Like most of us I am taking this class because it is required for graduation. Although, after watching the amount of documents that my father has had to draft over the years in the small business that he runs, I recognize how important writing is in the business world even down to the simplest of emails. Writing in business is very important in every aspect of a company and I want my customers and colleagues to see all of my work as being very professional, and I hope this class can do that for me.

Also, I am hoping to gain knowledge of how to write and think fast in terms of quick and appropriate responses in critical business situations. I noticed that we will be working on our LinkedIn profiles which excites me greatly because I am yet to make one and know how important it will be for my future. Lastly, I just want to improve my writing skills to the highest potential possible before I graduate so I can sound as intelligent and well educated as possible when conversing with others via written communication.

Where to find me: It is easy to find me on the North Side of the Huntington Beach pier during the morning hours, that is my favorite place to surf and surfing is my favorite hobby. I enjoy the exercise that I get out of it as well as the relief of stress and the feeling of freedom that it brings to my life. I enjoy all types of music but if I had to pick my favorite there is nothing else I can say other than edm/electronic dance music. I enjoy going to festivals all over the country with my friends, it’s a great way for me to travel and see new bands/artists at the same time (kill two birds with one stone). I have two Labradors that I love more than anything, they are what keeps me happy and what makes me excited to return home whenever I’m gone; they are truly family in my opinion and if you see us play together I think it is easy to see the resemblance between us.  You can best find me on my instagram to see what has been happening currently in my life and its a great place to contact me!  Looking forward to working and learning with you all!



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  1. Nice to meet you, Brett! Barcelona sounds so cool. Quite a few of my students have been studying there in the last couple of years. I’d love to hear more about your experience.

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