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Recognizable Me


Hello, I’m Justin. I’m from San Diego, California and I lived there my whole life before I spent my last two years in Boulder. I’m a very active person who mostly enjoys both playing and watching basketball. I’m an ex-volleyball player and stopped once I graduated high school. I like dogs a lot, I have 2: a cockapoo, which is a cocker spaniel poodle mix, and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. I’m currently studying accounting, I’m not quite sure what field I want to go into in terms of auditing, tax, etc., but I’ll figure that out soon enough. I have a fairly large family of 6, I’m the youngest of 4 children and all my siblings are three years apart, the oldest being 28. I have two sisters and one brother, most of which have gone off and started their own lives outside of San Diego after they graduated school.

Where I am

This summer, I’m staying in Boulder until July 1st to take 3 classes. I just finished Corporate Financial Reporting I last week, which was my first Accounting area of emphasis class, and I started Corporate Financial Reporting II today. This online writing class is, of course, the third class I’m taking. I’m not currently employed, I’m essentially dedicating the first 2 months of my summer to taking nine credits so that I can have a lighter schedule in my senior semesters when my accounting classes will require my undivided attention. When I go back home in early July, I’ll be able to goof off for a little while and have a nice, well-earned, break from school. Before I started class this term, I went on a three-day road trip with my dad, on a long drive from San Diego to Boulder. The trip featured stops in Moab, Utah, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and a speedboat tour along the Colorado River.

What I want

I’m hoping that this course can teach me to present myself and communicate more professionally in a business setting. Just from glancing at the course schedule, I can see graphic design is something we’ll be discussing, a topic that I don’t know a whole lot about, so I’m sure there are plenty of areas for me to learn. I know presentation skills are critical in the workplace, so I’m hoping to get some practice with that and to potentially get critiqued on my performance. I’m hoping this class can benefit things like my resume, LinkedIn, and other aspects of my life, because I will be looking for full-time employment once I graduate and I need to have these things designed to their fullest potential ahead of time.

Where to find me

 In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and being active. I mostly listen to old school hip-hop/rap music. When I’m home in San Diego during the summer I often go to the beach to bodysurf and throw the Frisbee around. I don’t really have a single favorite movie, but some of my favorites are Training Day, the Harry Potter movies, and the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. I enjoy going on hikes, last weekend I went to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw some cool waterfalls and lakes. I snowboard occasionally as well, but I usually only go about three days out of the year. I spend several hours a week on a basketball court shooting around, and during the school year, playing intramurals. I don’t watch that many T.V. shows, I prefer to watch my favorites over and over. Workaholics is currently my favorite.


8 thoughts on “Blog Post 1

  1. Hi Justin!
    I also really love dogs! My family dog was a black lab named Sadie whom we all loved very much. That is so awesome that you already have your own. I hope that once I graduate I can adopt two dogs, preferably a Great Dane and an English Pointer.

  2. Hi Justin!
    Where in San Diego do you live? I live in Encinitas! I love the beach too and I’m planning on spending every moment there when I’m doing this class and my other class lol. My boyfriend has a King Charles named Mr. Wilson and I am absolutely in love with him. SO I’m so jealous you have one of your own. I really really want to get a dog and I really want a cockopoo so I’m double jealous of you!!

  3. Hey Justin,
    Funny that you have a cockapoo becuase I just got a puppy and we were looking at that breed becuase we wanted something poodle. We ended up getting a goldendoodle who is 3 months now and amazing. I am also an accounting major but also finance, and took corp 2 last semester. It’s hard not going to lie, but you can do it if you just put that extra time in. Good luck!

  4. Justin,

    What’s up! Please tell me you are a Chargers fan. I was born and raised in San Diego also. What high school did you go to?

    Let me know how Corp II goes, I am taking that B term.

    Good meeting you!

    1. Hey Michael,

      I’m a pretty big chargers fan. Bolt up! I went to Del Norte High School, it’s a somewhat newer school near the Rancho Bernardo area. Nice to meet you as well.

  5. San Diego is a great city, I’ve only been there once, but I am planning to go back in the next few years. I am also taking a few classes this summer to lighten my load but also to make up for being a double major and switching out of Arts and Sciences in the middle of Sophomore year. Harry Potter and LOTR, right on!

  6. Hey Justin!
    I am from HB so we actually live pretty close!! I love playing beach volleyball, did you play indoor, beach , or both!?!? I always drive out to Boulder as well, there is so much to do on that drive, and I’ve hit all of those parks that you mentioned and can’t get enough of them! Enjoy your summer in Boulder, wish I could spend my last summer there!

    1. Hey Brett, I played indoor on my high school team and a few 2v2 beach tournaments. The drive wasn’t too bad when I last made it, I stopped in Moab and a few other places. Thanks, enjoy your summer too.

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