Hey, I am Sam!


Recognizable me: Hello everyone, my name is Sam Arthur and I just graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Finance and a certificate in Real Estate.  I am born and raised in Denver, so coming to CU was a no brainer.  I am a very active person and love spending time out doors.  I am a competitive person and played lacrosse until my sophomore year of college when my career was ended by injuries.  Although I often miss the sport I chose to fill the rest of my time in college with my other hobbies, such as traveling and spending more time with the friends I had made outside the team.

Where I’m at:  Over the last semester, in order to complete my Real Estate certificate, I have been interning at a national Real Estate Investment company in Denver.  I was fortunate enough to have been able to turn my internship into a full time position on their capital markets team and will be relocating to Chicago at the end of the month to begin working and be closer to my girlfriend who graduated last year.  While I am very excited to take on a new job in a new city, I am also very intimidated by the idea of leaving the state that I have known and loved for the past twenty two years.  I love Colorado and everything it has to offer, and I know that my move to Chicago will not be permanent, but rather an adventure to help get me closer to several things that I desire.

What I want:  This being the last class of my college career, it is hard to think past just the idea of wanting to just get out with credit and call it a day.  Fortunately I have seen the importance of writing skills in the business world, and understand how much a persons ability to articulate their ideas through writing can affect the people they are doing business with.  That being said, I would like to refine my writing skills and professional voice in a way that can convey who I am as a person while still sounding respectable and educated to those who have never met me in person.

Where to find me:  Over the past semester I got very involved in the Real Estate program and participated in an international case competition that lasted all semester.  So if you were looking for me last semester the best place to have found me would have either been the business school or at one of my friends houses, watching sports or competing in one of our own ‘sporting’ events.  I am a die hard Broncos fan and will represent Colorado sports anywhere I go.

Now days I have moved back to Denver to be closer to my family and my internship, before I make the move out to Chicago.  I am currently taking in all the Denver activities I can, until I have to say bye to them for a little while.  Once I move to Chicago you will have to search for me while I explore my new home.  I’ll most likely be simply walking the area getting an idea for the characteristics of the various neighborhoods, finding a rooftop to soak up some sun and enjoy a cold beverage or on Lake Shore, meeting new people and taking in the view of the city.

The idea of moving to a new city is very foreign and exciting to me, so a better question might even be ‘where will I find my self’.  As we get to ‘know’ each other please feel free to help me out if there certain areas of the city you love or activities that I have to check out during the summer.  I’m looking forward learning more about all of you and finishing off my college career in this class!


3 thoughts on “Hey, I am Sam!

  1. Hi Sam! Nice to meet you. I haven’t been to Chicago in such a long time, but I’m dying to go to Grant Achatz’s Alinea. Sure, it’s a small fortune to eat there, but I’m a bit of a foodie. 🙂

    1. Hi Allison,
      Thank you for the comment, you’ve gotta get back to Chicago soon, you’re pretty close being in St. Louis. I have been to Chicago several times and have never actually heard of Grant Achatz’s Alinea so I’ll have to check it out once I make a little money and can afford it.

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