Hey there Y’all

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Who am I:

Hey there my name is Daniel Dobbs and I am an incoming senior here at the University of Colorado Boulder. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and lived there my entire life before transferring up to CU during the summer of 2014. I’m currently living in the Boulder area with my 3 year old rescue Pitbull while working and taking a few summer classes. I have worked in some professional capacity since I was in High School and am very excited to finish up my last little bit of undergraduate schooling so I can hit the “real world” for a bit before taking a look at grad school.

Where I’m at:

I currently am headed into my last year majoring in Economics as well as working as a Client Services Banker for Bank of the West. Within my current role with the bank I have had the opportunity to be apart of the bank’s Mentorship program as well, working with Wealth Management advisors and Investment specialists which has provided some really awesome career experiences. I do my best to take advantage of any opportunities before me and strive to excel in my chosen fields.

Having now lived in Boulder for around 2 years I definitely have grown to appreciate the wonderful weather and beautiful scenery here. I definitely do not find myself missing the Texas heat right around this time of year.

What I want:

Like everyone else here my primary reason for taking this course is the requirement, however I definitely understand the importance and need for effective communication and strong writing in the business world. I am looking forward to furthering my writing abilities as well as working to building a strong personal brand and developing stronger communication skills.

Where to find me:

I typically do keep myself very busy. Between classes and work I typically don’t have a whole lot of time for recreational purposes. When I do have some time to myself you usually can find me strapping on some running shoes and going for a run at one of the local parks, which interestingly enough is much more enjoyable when it’s not 105 degrees out like back home around June…

I am very much into the shows House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones and American Horror Story and do my best to keep up with them as much as possible. In addition to those shows I am also an avid Tolkien fan and have probably read/watched the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books/movies 100+ times by now.

I am all about my Dallas sports teams (Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, Stars) and typically fly back home a few times a semester to catch a couple mavs or cowboys games. I was brought up in a sports dominated household and while I don’t currently play any sports, game time is definitely a family affair. If my Mavs or Cowboys make the playoffs in the upcoming seasons check the stands cause I’ll be there.

I am really looking forward to the opportunities for growth this course presents as well as looking forward to getting to know and learn with all y’all.




4 thoughts on “Hey there Y’all

  1. That is so cool you have a pit bull! I work at a doggie daycare, and pit bulls are definitely one of my favorite breeds. I also enjoy going for a good run, Boulder is so beautiful it makes it easy to find great places to go. Which local parks do you usually go running at? Orange is the New Black is one of my favorite shows too, although I just started watching it.

  2. I have a lot of family in Texas and was born there, so I understand what you mean about the different climates. I go to Texas and I have frizzy hair and feel like I’m sweating all the time when its really just the humidity in comparison to the dryness here in Colorado. Right there with you on LOTR and American Horror Story. Never a bad day for a marathon!

  3. Hello Daniel!
    It is awesome that you have a rescue dog, the two labradors that I I currently own were saved as well. I am a big animal/dog lover and love hearing that other people are out there caring for underprivileged animals. I am also very deep in House of Cards, I love how it truly portrays the corrupt way in which politics unravels.

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