Hi Everyone!


43e31d44-c12b-4117-91be-eda98a18538fRecognizable me: Hi everybody! My name is Brian Byon and I just recently graduated from the University of Colorado with an emphasis in Operations Management. I am originally from New Jersey but also have spent a couple of years in Mexico and Colorado. Living in such a wide variety of areas has led me to value both diversity and uniqueness in all aspects of life. Growing up also made me realize that that there is a lot of social issues in the world that can be addressed by the practice of ethical and smart business. I hope to build a career that emphasizes serving the needs of others.

 Where I’m at: Over the last semester, I really forced myself to think about what I was going to do moving forward. I also had to think about what I valued most in life. Fortunately, I was able to find a position at DaVita and I expect to start working there sometime next month. From what I have heard, it is a company that really makes a difference for the lives of those who enter their facilities. The position is in Denver so I guess I’ll be in Colorado for a while, not that I’m complaining.

I’ve been here for about five years now and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was here for the rest of my life. For now, I’m taking this class and just enjoying my last few weeks in Boulder. It is weird for me hearing about how my friends are nervous about moving to completely different places while my next transition in life is a 30-minute commute.

What I want: More than anything else, I would love to gain the ability to truly sell my abilities and talents on paper and to prospective employers. I remember a while ago my professor told me that I have a really big filter in my head. As a result, I am very careful about what I say because I want everything to count. However, this means that I also miss opportunities to sell myself because my filter won’t allow me to emphasize value aspects about myself. I suppose that by the end of this class, I hope that everything associated with me is presented in a way that is both articulate and confident.

Where to find me: It really depends on how I feel on a particular day. Sometimes I’ll literally spend half the day hiking and eventually getting lost because of an unhealthy amount of curiosity and an inability to read maps. Other days, I will build a tent on my bed and either binge watch or watch reruns of Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and House Hunters. I suppose the idea of finding your soulmate and moving into the perfect house is an idea that I am really drawn towards. I think Game of Thrones fits in that idea somewhere along the lines.

I also really enjoy playing tennis, ping pong, and wall climbing. Unfortunately, I haven’t played tennis for about three years and learning how everything works is going to be pretty difficult. I really like watching my favorite movies over and over again including Once and Thank You for Smoking.

No matter how crazy or busy life gets, I always try to make room for the most important aspects of life everyday including family, friends, and my dog (listed above). I am also trying to work out a trip to Yellow Stone National Park. I really love wolves so seeing how they interact in the wild with other animals is something that would be very meaningful for me.


10 thoughts on “Hi Everyone!

  1. Hey Brian!! We’re glad to have you here in Colorado… plenty of amazing opportunities here it seems. I will hopefully be looking for a job in Downtown Denver somewhere once I graduate. DaVita has a pretty sweet building down there for sure. Hopefully you become only more comfortable here and continue to enjoy all the outdoor recreation that is available so near to us.

  2. Hi Brian! Congrats on the job at DaVita! I had a friend who worked with them for a couple years and absolutely loved it, but unfortunately had something come up and had to move away. As for tennis, it is a great sport to play and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for you to get back in to it. Also, have you had a chance to check out the wolf refuge down in Colorado Springs? My roommates went a couple months ago, granted it was incredibly expensive I heard, but they were able to hang out with the wolves and get some great pictures!

    1. Heidi
      I actually did and it was pretty awesome. They were incredibly friendly though, they had really sharp teeth which can hurt if they get friendly =p

  3. Hey Brian!
    Where in New Jersey are you from? My whole family on my dad’s side is from there, originally from Italy. I’m going there actually in July for my cousins wedding and I’m going to spend a few weeks there and in the city. My Dad grew up in Hackensack, but my cousins and Aunt and Uncle live in Wyckoff.

    1. I am originally from the Northern Side, so like close to New York. I havent been in Wyckoff or Hacksensack but they seem pretty close if I am not mistaken.

  4. Hey Brian!

    Congrats on getting that position at DaVita! That’s really exciting and I’m sure a lot of opportunities will arise from this position for you.

    Wow, you have moved around a lot! What would you say is your favorite place that you have ever lived? I know that can be a really hard question to answer because all places are unique in their own way.

    It is awesome that you are planning to go to Yellowstone; I have wanted to go there for quite a while. It would be so cool to see the wolves, they are such majestic animals. Are you planning on camping?

    1. Hi Lia!

      At this point, I cant really say which place has been my favorite. They have all been so different in terms of experiences so I couldn’t really make up my mind. In terms of YellowStone, I haven’t really thought it out. Maybe they’ll let me camp with the wolves (lol)

  5. Hey there Brian! Congratulations on the position at DaVita. That sounds like an awesome opportunity and it’s really fortunate that you wont have to move too far to take advantage of it. I also am a big Thrones fan and have been glad to see a few other fans of the show around here. It sounds like you have a nice summer ahead of you and hope it all goes well!

  6. Hi Brian!
    Like you, I want to learn how to sell my abilities to employers and I hope that this class will help do that for us! It can be hard to get rid of that filter in your head. I tend to hold back on saying what’s really on my mind when I’m in a professional setting because I don’t want to come off the wrong way. Hopefully with practice it will become easier to be yourself when in those situations. Best of luck as you enter the professional world!

  7. It’s okay to brag sometimes! When other people here the great things you’ve done, bragging isn’t what they here. When you’re selling yourself, in an interview or talking to a superior, you want them to know the great things you have achieved. It definitely is something to get used to, but trust me it pays off!

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