I am Kelsi and I Like Stuff


Who Am I

I consider myself to be just like any other 21 year old senior in college – I want to stay in school for as long as possible, learn as much as I can and have a dream to travel the world.

My current priorities are to stay healthy, watch movies, work, study and stay close to my family.

One of the main reasons I am here at the University of Colorado at Boulder is to be near my two little sisters (13 and 5). I want them to know I am here for them and to remember me vividly, not just as “my weird older sister that goes to college somewhere”.

What Do I Do

I am a Senior here at CU majoring in Finance and Operations Management. During the school year, I live in Boulder and travel to either Fort Collins or Highlands Ranch (where I grew up) during the weekends to see my family.

This summer I am living in an extended stay hotel in the DTC, with my boyfriend, working my tail off. I have had an internship at Project One Integrated Services since the summer of 2015, am taking two online classes and am studying for the GMAT. It may sound like a lot, but I absolutely love keeping myself active and busy.

The company I work for is an owner’s representative firm for all kinds of construction projects. Last summer, I worked as a Project Management Intern, and this summer I am a Marketing, Contracts and Project Management Intern.

I work mostly with tracking, data entry (of course), InDesign and excel – creating templates, marketing packages and employee resumes.

Why Am I Here

Obviously I am in this course for the requirement, but after reading the syllabus, schedule and various links for the course I am extremely excited. My main goals are to learn how to stand out and about online presence.

I have heard great things about this course and even after two days I can see why. Looking at the marketing packets I create for my internship, I can see that I will improve substantially at work by the end of this course.

This writing course is not just about writing essays regarding overly complicated prompts but what skills we need to succeed in the real world. What should be in my personal portfolio? What do I want colleagues and employers to see in my professional writing?

Where Can You Find Me

You can find me on Instagram posting selfies, my various adventures and the kittens I wish I could adopt. I am also usually painting something in my room, be it a piece of furniture or a canvas, hiking in the mountains or around Boulder, listening to music or at the movies.

My dad grew up as a movie kid. His first job was at the local movie theater as a concessions stand cashier, and know, after climbing the corporate ladder, he works as an executive for an advertising company for movie theaters across America. With the season pass I always make sure I have, I can guarantee you I will see every single movie that comes out to theaters. This is something I grew up doing and have learned to fully appreciate.

The same thing goes for my passion for the music industry. If it plays, I can tell you the song, album, artist and era it is from. I have been to more concerts than I can count on my hands and feet and love every second of it.

I am also a cheap traveler. You can find me taking cheap trips across North America with the left over money I made from the summer (if I haven’t already spent it on concert tickets). Some of quick trips I have taken on a budget include: New Orleans, Rapid City / Mount Rushmore, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

I hope you were able to see me through this blog post, and I am eager to learn more about you!



11 thoughts on “I am Kelsi and I Like Stuff

  1. Hey Kelsi!
    I am also very fond of travelling. I haven’t been able to travel as much in college because of the expense, so I loved your idea of cheap travelling! I hope that by the end of the summer I will have enough savings to make an inexpensive trip to Mount Rushmore or Mexico.

  2. Hi Kelsi, I love that you decided to stay local and go to CU Boulder mainly because of your younger family members. That is a really mature decision to make, and I am sure that your siblings are very grateful that they have a mentor and best friend close by! Keeping my family within a reasonable distance was a major part of my decision to stay in Boulder as well.

  3. Hi Kelsi! I definitely agree with Noah in that it was an awesome decision for you to decide to go to CU for your siblings. My older sister went to college in Wisconsin when I was 8 years old, so I have very few memories of her being around in my younger years. Also, how did you like New Orleans? I went there with my family this last Christmas and thought it was so beautiful! It is such a lively city and I would love to go back.

    1. New Orleans is amazing. We went for 4 days and jam packed it with historical tours, museums, just walking around from probably 8am to 10pm every night. I will remeber that trip for a lifetime. Cafe du Monde is a must, so if you didn’t go there, swing by next time!

  4. Hey Kelsi! It’s so awesome that you stayed close for your sisters! I’m only about an hour and a half from Monument which is where my family lives (I’m actually writing this from home right now). Family is super important! I also love all the cheap traveling you’ve done. I love to travel and have been to quite a few places. I haven’t been on many trips recently due to expenses. I would love to learn how you budget your adventures, and let me know if you’re ever in need of a travel buddy!

  5. Kelsi! Unlike you, I have to Shazam every single song (sometimes I even do it twice). I honestly appreciate people like you. This world needs more music and movie buffs! I’m extremely jealous of your cheap travels. I love to travel but seem to never have enough money. I’d love to hear about your trip to New Orleans as it’s one of the top places on my bucket list!

    1. Definitely use the booking sites! My trip to New Orleans we booked about three months in advance and for the entire week it was a total of $1200 for the both of us. We did a lot of extra stuff too, and just walked around and asked what the locals like to try and avoid extra expenses. It was extremely worth it! Just be smart, plan ahead and ask the locals!

  6. Hey Kelsi!

    That is so awesome that you are close to your sisters. My little sister left for college in North Carolina just over a year ago and its definitely hard being far away from somebody you are close to!

    Speaking of traveling, I’d love some tips on your low budget trips because, as a broke college kid myself, I am looking for the most amount of adventure I can find with the money I have. I have never been to Mount Rushmore but I have heard its pretty cool and that there is some pretty landscape out there. I will have to add that to the list!

  7. Kelsi,

    I am beyond jealous of your movie pass. I love going to the movies but never make the time for it. There is nothing like walking into the cold theater, getting popcorn and candy, watching the previews(they are my favorite part) and enjoying the movie on the big screen. If you have any suggestions this summer please let me know!!!!

  8. Hey Kelsi! I love traveling myself and low budget trips are always the best way to do them! Congratulations on keeping your internship for another year and the company looks like it does some pretty cool things! I myself am a movie lover as well and love to hear that I am not alone. I am super excited for the second Now You See Me to come out next weekend and if you didn’t watch the first one I highly recommend it!

  9. Hey Kelsi!!
    I love the title that you gave this post, its hilarious. My priorities definitely involve movie and tv watching, those two things are definitely my biggest hobbies. I think that is why I am the only one in my friend group that gets excited when it rains, lol. Sounds like you are working really hard but learning a ton all the while, keep it up!!

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