Recognizable Me: Hello everyone! My name is Laura and I am finishing up my last semester at CU and I plan to graduate December 2016. I grew up in Greeley CO, but decided to attend Boulder after my brother and sister both went here and had an amazing experience. The time I have spent at CU has been incredible and certainly life changing. When I first made my way into college I had no idea about what I wanted to do, and now I am confident about how I want to pursue my future and career.
Where I’m at: As I mentioned before, I am a senior at Leeds. I’m in that difficult transitioning time period where I am starting to look at full time positions but still trying to finish up my schoolwork. I am in hopes that in the next couple of months I will find a suitable position in the corporate world.
Physically I am located in Boulder, CO. I have spent the past three summers staying in Boulder because I find it so difficult to leave this beautiful town and of course the flat irons. During my time here in the summer I work full time so that I can pay for Boulder’s outrageous rent. So far I have been a Sales Associate, a Corporate Risk Intern for Elevations Credit Union, and most recently a Pet Care Technician at Uptown Dog. All of these jobs have been a great experience and have taught me a lot.
What I want: Like most college students, I want to graduate with a career plan. My main goals for this class included updating and perfecting my resume and LinkedIn profile so that I can be better prepared for the work force. I am excited to learn all the techniques and processes that go in to preparing for the job hunt.
Where to find me: You can find me on my yoga mat, running on a trail, or in the water. I have always been a runner and swimmer since high school, although I find it more difficult to find time to swim laps these days. I hope once I graduate I can get into a schedule that allows time for me to get back into it. Running in Boulder is so easy, there are a ton of trails available all over so it’s much easier to continue practicing. I just started getting into yoga after a friend suggested I go and I was so surprised at the incredible workout it actually was and have been going ever since.
I love spending time with my family, especially going camping. There is something about the fresh mountain air and the detachment from the internet and social media that I enjoy so much. I hope to make time this summer to go on plenty of trips and improve my fishing skills (which really needs work).
I think that this sums up who I am and where I hope to go! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Laura,
    I completely understand your struggle with trying to find your place in the corporate world. Having just graduated I am dealing with the same thing and the transition from ‘college kid’ to ‘young professional’ is not an easy one. I am sure that in time we will both figure out where we fit in.

  2. A Pet Care Technician at Uptown Dog?! I work at an animal hospital as a receptionist. Playing with all the cats and dogs that walk into our hospital is the absolute best. Like you, I’ve also been a runner and swimmer since high school. I agree with you that Boulder is a very easy town to find a place to go on a run.

  3. Hey Laura! Congratulations on graduating in the coming fall, and I’m sure you will be able to find a suitable career after graduation! Similar to you, I also love to go camping specifically to just take a breath and get away from it all, especially the internet. I hope you find the time to go on a couple camping trips this summer.

  4. Hi Laura!

    That is so exciting that you are graduating soon! I wish you luck on your job search. Are you trying to stay in Colorado?

    I love camping as well but I really need to get out and camp more often. With work and classes this summer it’s kind of difficult to get plans together, especially with friends who are busy as well. Where is your favorite place to go? I also really want to get more into yoga. It would be awesome to have that activity to release some stress and relax my mind at the end of a long day.

  5. Laura,
    I totally can relate to you about finding a job. I was stressing out this summer just trying to find an internship, but in the end everything works out. I wanted to be in New York this summer but ended up in Boston and couldn’t be happier. Everything happens for a reason and something amazing will happen!

  6. HI Laura! I completely understand where you’re coming from on the difficulties balancing a work and school schedule. It sounds like you’ve had some really cool jobs in the past and I bet working with pet’s is a really fun experience. I really enjoy running as well and think Boulder is a great place for it.

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