Money Mike

IMG_0528Recognizable me: RB #19. What does that mean? Sorry, I play Running Back for the University and I wear the number 19. My name is Michael Adkins. Well, officially Michael Adkins II (a very important detail!). I am from San Diego, California. San Diego Super Chargers Rock! And no, just because I go to CU I have not adopted the Denver Broncos.

You might have seen me playing on Folsom Field or more likely at the Leeds School in the Bloomberg Lab. Here at CU, I am a finance emphasis and I actually just earned my undergrad degree. Yes, now is the time to say “Congratulations”. Well, Thank You, I appreciate it! In the Fall I will start taking classes for the concurrent master’s program in accounting here at the business school. Ball is Life!

Where I’m at: Here in Boulder, as I am every summer (very fun!). Why are you in Boulder? Great question. Every summer since I have been here I have taken summer classes, this one being no different. But what about a plot twist. Who doesn’t like a plot twist. This summer, different from the normality of the previous ones, I am doing an internship at a company called Baird, a financial services firm, in their Private Wealth Management department. I am extremely excited about the opportunity. I will be very busy, something I consider a good thing. Don’t you agree?

I am coming up on my fourth year here and it has been an amazing ride. My goal is to do a fourteener this summer, so consider this your invitation to accompany me (p.s. – I actually have never done one so someone with experience would be preferable).

What I want: Definitely want to learn at least something. But on a more serious note, I would like for this course to develop and provide me the tools to be able communicate in an effective and efficient matter in the professional realm. Written communication is crucial in a pitch book for example, in a financial deal. Also, in a memorandum discussing policy mishaps to the head man.

Being able to provide value through a medium of written communication is key and one of the things I believe millennials struggle with. The emergence of social media and even taking a step backwards text messaging has reduced our ability to express ourselves in a robust fashion, as everything is now condensed. I was reading an article which talked about this very idea in relation to confrontation skills. I found it very interesting.

Where to find me: I thought I was untraceable but the internet has done a great job of making me visible. I am on Twitter (feel free to follow me on there) and LinkedIn (as I like to call the professional Facebook).

I enjoy doing a multitude of things but I am usually confined to athletics and academics. In my free time I do enjoy bowling, golfing, and Boulder has engrained its culture in me as I have gained a recent appreciation of hiking. I have only hiked the all famous Flatirons but I plan to increase that number at least two-fold this summer. I’ll keep you all posted.

I am definitely an indoors person though, and I’m guessing you could tell that as my favorite pastime (hobby) is sleeping. It is the best. Movies are also great. I recently thought it was a good idea to go see the movie Keanu starring Key and Peele. If you are not familiar with them, they have a show on Comedy Central which I find is quite funny. Anyways, I went to go see them in their first actual movie (they do quick comedy sketches), and it was not the greatest to say the least. So I provide a major disclaimer – do not take movie reviews for truth. With that said, if you know of any good movies out I would love to hear.

Look forward to sharing learning with you all!


10 thoughts on “Money Mike

  1. What’s up Mike, first thing I thought was, damn this guys life must be busy as all hell! D1 football and a double major in finance and accounting is a lot, I am impressed to say the least. I may have to ask you a couple questions down the road about the concurrent program.. thinking I’m gonna pursue it and you seemed pretty stoked on it! Being from CO, I love the Broncos… but at least the Chargers have dope uniforms. Anyways, hope you continue to enjoy Colorado and good luck on that 14er

    1. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the concurrent program. I think it is a great thing Leeds offers. We haven’t been great for a long time but hopefully we can reclaim the conference with Peyton gone.

  2. Hi Mike! Nice to meet you. I miss Colorado a lot and I’m jealous of all your outdoorsy plans for the summer… It’s hot and humid here (never a pleasant condition for outside activities) and the bugs are crazy!! Glad to have you in class.

  3. Mike,
    First, I am glad that you still support your hometown Football team, it cant be easy to see them get beat on by the Broncos every year and stay faithful while living in Colorado ;). Also I must confess that in the 22 years that I have lived in Colorado I have only made it up three 14ers and would like to get another before I leave. My advise is get as many as you can while you’re here. Sko Buffs!

  4. Hey Mike!

    I’m from San Diego too! Well if you read my first blog post, I’ve called San Diego home for over 5 years. And I am a huge Chargers fan as well! My stepmom and I went to a game last season (versus the chiefs, and obviously the chargers lost) but it was really fun! Where in San Diego do you live?

    1. Nice to meet a fellow Chargers fan! I use to have season tickets when I was younger (back in the good ole days when LT was there). I actually live about five minutes away from the Border in the San Ysidro area.

      Good meeting you!

  5. Money Mike!
    I am on the lacrosse team at CU so I know how busy you are. It’s super tough balancing school, division 1 sports, and a social life. Initially you try and plan it all out, okay just school and practice, thats easy. But every day I feel like the athleic department has a meeting we need to go to or I need to go to office hours and it’s tough for us college athletes. However I couldn’t picture my college career any different and have learned so many great skills being one.

  6. Hey Mike! Congratulations! I’ve still got two years to finish my undergrad and it’s going by quick! I also love hiking but unfortunately have trouble finding the time to go. I’m very excited to be in Boulder this summer even though I spend most of my time at work or doing school work. It’s very cool that you were on the football team I’m sure you were super busy! I know I struggle sometimes working during the academic year, and sports are a huge commitment!

  7. Hey Mike!
    I love it , RB #26 here! Big Charger fan as well coming from southern California. I really hope the organization figures it out soon, I wanna see a super bowl run! And there is nothing I love more than rooting against the Broncos every time a game is on and really digging under all of my buddies skin.

  8. Hello Mike,
    Big fan of the team and your skills. I worked for the video department for the football team a couple years ago, filming practices and taking highlight videos. Say hello to Jamie and Snelson for me! Given how demanding the football schedule is, I’m shocked that you’re also a double major, that seems very intense!

    I haven’t ever completed a fourteener but my girlfriend and I are going to try one soon, maybe we can join! Key and Peele are great. I loved Keegan-Michael Key’s appearance at one of Obama’s White House Correspondence Dinners (

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