The Basics of All Things Lia Morrow

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Recognizable me: Hi, I’m Lia! I was born here in Boulder but spent my life until high school living in Indonesia and Ghana. With all of those awesome childhood experiences, I have developed a sort of addiction to traveling. I have done a lot on these adventures, from walking through the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to camping in the Serengeti in Tanzania. Continuing to see more of the world is something I want to continue to do throughout my life, whether it be through work or in my free time.

Where I’m at: I am an incoming senior at Leeds, majoring in marketing and finance and minoring in Spanish. I was originally an integrative physiology major but decided the business route was better for me than med school. So, I am playing catch-up trying to get in all my classes in order to graduate on time. It has definitely been a challenge!

I am spending this summer in beautiful Boulder taking classes and working. Recently, I got a position as an Account Management Intern at Sterling-Rice Group where I get to help manage marketing operations with the clients from the many companies we work with. If you want to take a closer look at what I spend my days doing, check out the Sterling-Rice Group website. I also babysit a 5-year old and a 3 year old a few nights a week after work for that extra bit of cash.

What I want: I am hoping to get several things out of this class that will help me improve my writing and communication skills in the professional world. I feel that this class is very relevant to the job I am currently in because it will help me communicate better with clients and coworkers as well as improve the professionality of my work content.

Because I am graduating soon, I also want to learn how to improve my application portfolio in order to provide myself with the most amount of opportunities possible as I am looking for potential careers. This class provides more experience in writing as it is applied in the working world and this is very important knowledge to have; so, I am excited to learn and gain more expertise in this area in order to bring that knowledge with me to my current and future jobs.

11849040_952806538126047_948774079_n(1)Where to find me: I’ll be somewhere outside. Whenever I am not working, I go outside, usually with my pup. She is a Pitsky (a Husky-Pitbull mix) named Zi and she enjoys being outside just as much as I do. I love everything outdoors: skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, camping, and more. My Instagram is the best representation of just how in love I am with the great outdoors.

As a broke college kid, I have little money to travel by plane to other countries so I spend a lot of time cruising the US in my car for some fun adventures. I started out this summer traveling around Utah, climbing and camping. That week sure felt short after a long semester! For my next mini trip, I am planning on going to Lander, Wyoming to climb so that’s where you’ll find me next.

Although I am crazy about the outdoors, sometimes it’s nice to just hang out and relax. In this case, I’ll be watching movies and shows at home. Currently, I am watching Prison Break. If you like action and cliff-hangers at the end of every episode you should definitely give it a watch. I love to play soccer and play on a rec team here in Boulder.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell!


13 thoughts on “The Basics of All Things Lia Morrow

  1. Lia,
    I am very curious to know what your parents do that allowed you to spend so much time traveling at such a young age. I spent last semester studying in Argentina and not only fell in love with the country but also traveling as a whole and the hostel life.

    1. Hi @sarthur8

      I was lucky enough to live overseas because of my dad’s job. He works as an environmental manager for a gold mining company. After Ghana, we almost moved to Australia but my parents were very ready to come home and wanted my sister and I to go to college here in the US.

      I am so jealous that you studied in Argentina! Going there is definitely on my bucket list. I actually considered traveling there to study abroad for my Spanish minor. I’ve heard so many amazing things about the cities and it looks absolutely beautiful from the pictures I have seen. What made you choose to go there?

      1. Australia would have been awesome I really want to get there, but it makes a lot of sense why your parents wanted to come home. How many years did you live abroad?
        I chose Argentina for several reasons, a lot of my friends were going to Europe and I wanted my own experience. I also liked the idea of going somewhere with a language barrier that I could overcome. I had heard incredible things about the meat and Rincon Argentinio is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Boulder. So really there were a ton of reasons why I was leaning towards it and it just seemed like the right fit. You have to make it down sometime there are so many amazing parts of the country I could easily go back and spend another month just going to the places I didnt have time to get to.

  2. Hey Lia! That’s so awesome that you grew up in Ghana and Indonesia. My older sister volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana, right outside of Accra I believe, and absolutely fell in love with all the kids. Do you have plans for the future to someday go back?

    1. Hey @heididodgers!

      No way, that’s awesome that your sister went there! What a small world. Do you know what the orphanage was called? I lived right in Accra and did a lot of work out there for Habitat for Humanity and it was definitely a life-changing experience. I would love to go back one day, its just a matter of money and time.

      It looks like you have gone on some awesome travels as well. Thailand is an amazing place, and I do love elephants! I haven’t been there since I was young though. What was your favorite part of the trip?

      1. Hi @liamorrowa! I’m not sure what the orphanage was called, I am pretty sure it was in Hohoe though. And yes, Thailand was truly amazing and all the people were so friendly! I think my favorite part of the trip had to be either bathing with the elephants in the River Kwai or feeding the monkeys!

  3. Lia,
    I am so jealous of your childhood! That’s so awesome you were able to experience that. I absolutely love traveling and if I could pick one thing to do for the rest of my life if I had the money, it would be to travel all around the world. I have always wanted to go to Angkor Wat. Also, I am obsessed with prison break!! I agree it is so good, I binged watched that show a few years ago. I need to watch it again.

  4. Lia,

    What’s up! Very intrigued by your interest in traveling. I being a person who has not been out of the United States (except the all so lovely TJ – across the border) would love to get out and explore this thing we call the world. Any recommendations? What’s next on your bucket list of destinations?

    I will be in Boulder this summer also, so if you don’t mind I would love to accompany you during one of your climbing activities. Really, I just want to be there to take a cool picture like yours! Haha

    Good meeting you!

    1. Hiya!

      Yes, feel free to join any time! I’m always looking for adventure buddies haha.

      Regarding travel…. Are you looking for places in the US or outside of it? On my list within the United States is Lake Tahoe. I have never been and I have heard it is absolutely breath taking. I am going to try to make it out there at the end of the summer.

      For an out-of-country adventure, I really want to make it down to the Galapagos Islands. It seems like there are so many cool things to do and see.

      Lets adventure sometime!

  5. Lia! I checked out your IG (so awesome), but of course I’m going to comment on how ADORABLE little Zi is. I bet she’s the best buddy ever for all your adventures.

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