A Whole New Place

Starting on the Path:

When I first graduated High School I wasn’t entirely sure where I was headed next. I really was craving a new beginning but I didn’t where this beginning might be. After  a little over a year at a University of Texas satellite school nearby my home, I decided to make a change. I began looking for a new place to call home and after looking at a few different schools I found myself touring Boulder, Co and fell in love with the beautiful mountain scenery, campus and city.


So in July of 2014, I packed my bags and fled the Texas summer heat in search of a new start in beautiful Boulder. Once my loving parents left for good, reality set in as to the fact that I was really on my own. I spent the majority of the summer trying to get adjusted to this new scene and area. When fall rolled around and it was time for my first semester at CU I felt confident and ready.

Reality Check

While my first semester at CU was an awesome experience, pretty soon into the term I started to feel the first sensations of home sickness begin to set in. Boulder was definitely different from Texas and adjusting to the new scene was a little tricky at first. I had never had a greater appreciation for the relationships and friends that I had left back home and the reality of having to start all new relationships really set in. While I always was aware of the great friends I had back home, the distance really did show me how unaware I was of how important these relationships were in my life. Starting over in a brand new state without knowing a single person seemed like an incredible challenge.

Finding Purpose in Connection


After starting to make friends through a number of organizations as well as getting to intern with a local political campaign, I found myself being able to appreciate all that Boulder really had to offer. It was important for me to be involved in activities that I found myself passionate about and Boulder was more than able to meet those needs.

Soon after the 2014 campaign year ended, I started looking for a place of employment that would provide a little more stability than what an internship in politics had offered. After doing some interviewing I found myself working as a teller with Bank of the West. Within a years time I was able to work my way up into relationship banking and start to really get to focus in on relationships with clients from all walks of life. Without knowing it, this opportunity would become one of my most rewarding experiences in my college career.

After really focusing in on these relationships I found that the most rewarding experiences I had were those where I really had the opportunity to grow with and learn about the life stories of such a varied group of people. Helping clients maximize financial potential and working to find real solutions to everyday problems for these people really gave me a sense of purpose and also an understanding of the need for vulnerability and open communication to solve many of the problems that we all face on a daily basis.

A Whole New Place

When I first moved up to Boulder, I really struggled with expanding my network in a whole new setting. While I eventually found avenues by which I made strong lasting connections with some incredible people, the experience really taught me just how important openness and authenticity is in developing the relationships that enrich our lives and give us purpose.


5 thoughts on “A Whole New Place

  1. Im glad to read that you made a pretty successful transition from Texas to Colorado. I faced something pretty similar when I came here from the East Coast. It seemed like a completely different world at the time. I hope you and I continue to be open to new, rich experiences as we go on

  2. Colorado is definitely much different from Texas!! But I am very glad you eventually found your place here and made some good connections. It helps to have such amazing scenery and outdoor activities so close to school that you can rely on to free up your mind or use to help form lasting friendships

  3. Moving to Boulder is definitely a big transition! I remember when I first moved here I had to use Google Map to navigate myself around. Finally after three years here I feel like I am familiar with the area. Being open and authentic is extremely important when getting adjusted to a new place and I’m glad that you were able to form relationships to make the transition a little bit easier.

  4. I understand what you mean when you had to make new friends. I believe we find out authenticity in college, and the friends you make in this point in your life is what will help you grow as a person as well as define who you are. I can say the people I surround myself with now v. in high school is vastly different and a good thing at that. People drift apart and that’s okay, do things you’re interested in and others will find you, too.

  5. Great! I can relate to this post. I remember my first time in Boulder and all the beauty in presented. I am originally from San Diego, so Boulder really was a change of scenery that I had to get used to. I came in knowing really no one as well. I have enjoyed the process of meeting so many different people and feel like you that Boulder has provided great value in my development as an individual.

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