Introducing Myself

Recognizable Me: Hello everyone! My name is Briana and I am finishing up my last semester at CU. I’m graduating in August and I am very excited! I was born in Manhattan, but grew up right outside the city in Connecticut. Before transferring to CU Boulder, I went to a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania called Dickinson College for two years. However, the environment was too small for me, and was basically a continuation of high school drama, etc. As a result, I needed a change and decided to apply to CU Boulder. I am so so happy I made this change, and I have absolutely fallen in love with this school. Even though I grew up in Connecticut, I have called San Diego, California home for the past five years. I live with my Dad and stepmom Andrea. She is one of the coolest person I’ve ever met and we are best friends. l have a twin sister who lives in Manhattan and a younger brother as well. Also I ABSOLUTELY love dogs!

Where I am: I just left Boulder to move back to San Diego. I was in Boulder for Maymester, where I took an extremely interesting class on Primates. Right after I finished last week, I drove from Boulder to San Diego. This is because I am only taking online classes for the rest of the summer. I am taking two this session and then two next session. Before I made it to San Diego, my boyfriend and I stopped at Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. They definitely blew my mind away, both were spectacular and beautiful in their own unique ways. I’m really excited to spend another summer in California because I absolutely love the ocean. I’ve been learning to surf for the past couple of years on and off, but I’m excited to really get good at this over the next few months. I will be traveling to the East Coast for two weeks in July, to spend time with my extended family. My cousin is getting married at the end of July and I will be a bridesmaid, I can’t wait!

What I want: I’m extremely excited for this class, because I know it will teach me so many important skills and expertise that I will need after I graduate. I’m planning on going to China for a year in February to teach English (Chinese is my major), and I know this class will help me prepare for this program as well as making connections in Shanghai’s business sphere. I am not really familiar with Linkedln, so I’m looking forward to learning about it and creating my own account. I know that my resume can be improved and that is really important once I graduate. After looking at the syllabus and class schedule, I’m really excited to get this class going. I know this class will benefit me tremendously.

Where to find me: In my free time, I love hanging out at the beach, either surfing or just riding the waves freely. I will probably be at the beach almost every day when I can be, even if that means doing some class reading at the beach. I love finding a great tv show on Netflix and if I have the time, I will binge watch it. Better Call Saul is not on Netflix but it’s an awesome show and a prequel to Breaking Bad—I highly recommend it! I love working out, especially with my stepmom and Dad, they are my workout partners. We go to orange theory, 9round boxing, and studio barre together! I love being active, it’s a necessity for me. If I’m not at the beach then I’m taking my dogs for a walk/run or to the park.


One thought on “Introducing Myself

  1. Brianna,
    I understand why you would want to leave Dickinson College, I went to a high school of 4,000 and after 4 years even that started to feel small. I am also jealous that you got to visit both of those national parks recently, I love exploring various national parks and those are two I have not been to.

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