downloadOne website I find myself on from time to time is BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a global website with billions of viewers every month. There is an extremely wide variety of the types of articles and information you can find on BuzzFeed. They have a large presence on social media, five apps that can be downloaded onto a mobile device, the site can be translated into six different languages, and there are 11 different international editions as well.

BuzzFeed’s main audience is millennials. Their entertainment videos are generally things older generations probably would not care about, and a lot of it is nonsense that people look at to pass time. At least that’s why I generally go to the website. It is a kind of news source, however if I see something newsworthy on BuzzFeed, I will usually go to a more reliable news source to get all the details. There are some articles that question the reliability of BuzzFeed.

Their presence has grown on social media. Being active on sites like Facebook and Twitter has accounted for a large percentage of where their views come from. Having this presence on websites such as Facebook is good for BuzzFeed because it allows them to reach a wider audience. The internet makes the world seem like such a small place because people all over the world can be connected by having access to the same information.

User-Centered Design

BuzzFeed’s actual website is very easily navigable. At the top of the page there is a menu of links to the different sections that are available on the website. Such as news, videos, quizzes, food, and more. This demonstrates good document design within the website. The article titles are written in bold letters, and some have pictures illustrating what the article is about. If you click on it there will be a link directing you to the article. Sometimes there will also be recommendations provided based on what you have already viewed. They have articles that are easy to read, and communicate effectively with their audience.

Since there is a large presence on social media, and millennials aren’t the only generation on sites like Facebook and Instagram, there is a large likelihood of shadow readers. A lot of times Facebook will provide suggestions to you based on what your friends have been viewing, or your friends may share an article or video they liked. This would cause more unintended audience members of BuzzFeed to potentially view the content they provide.

BuzzFeed is also a kind of community, which attracts a variety different users and viewers. People are able to create their own accounts and make comments and posts if they’d like. Viewers can comment on pieces that are interesting to them, or they’d like to share with their friends. This aspect of their website is related to participatory design. It allows the users to interact with the designers of the website and feel as though they are contributing.

What’s the Point

If you have ever been on BuzzFeed, you probably have seen some of their articles or videos and thought it was ridiculous. That is because most of it is. It is still a large platform with an even larger number of viewers. Whether people end up on their website by accident, or on purpose they ended up there somehow. I myself usually go on there to pass time or because some of their content makes me laugh. They provide a different view on things that are happening in the world by making it a little lighter. There are a lot of different sections you can look at depending on what you are interested in.


11 thoughts on “BuzzFeed

  1. I’m so glad there are other people who just like to randomly scroll through BuzzFeed and find some funny stuff to laugh at! In the past year, I’ve caught myself on BuzzFeed a little too much, and my friends started making fun of me for it… I still think it’s an entertaining way to pass the time.

    1. Yes, exactly! There is hardly anything of substance on the website but it is a great way to pass time. Most of the time I see there stuff on Facebook first from friends sharing it, or advertised posts. It catches my attention and then I’ll maybe go to the site from there.

  2. I LOVE BUZZFEED! It can actually be pretty distracting and I found myself taking a few to many Buzzfeed quizzes during my Spanish class… no bueno. They are so ridiculous but its really entertaining to find out funny things such as what kind of cookie I would be haha. I also particularly like Buzzfeed food. I like to cook a decent amount and its always fun to try out the various recipes. They have recipes on everything from snacks to mixed drinks to holiday meals so I never run out of things to experiment!

    1. I love BuzzFeed food! I’ve never actually made anything I’ve seen on there, but I have tons of BuzzFeed food videos saved on my Facebook. I really want to start trying some of them cause they all look delicious! The quizzes are definitely entertaining as well.

  3. Buzzfeed is definitely a great way to waste time. I feel like the times I go on it is when I’m taking the bus to school or waiting for the bus, etc. But reading your post made me realize I haven’t visited the site in months.

  4. Buzzfeed is like the National Enquirer of websites. It’s so much fun to read! Not only that, it’s a great way to procrastinate during finals week, I could spend hours on that site just reading random articles and taking quizzes.

  5. I wonder what the Buzzfeed staff would want others to seem them as. You mentioned before that some nonsense is pretty prevalent throughout the website which I agree with. At the same time, there are definetely opinion and journal articles that are supposed to be taken more seriously. Sometimes it can be hard finishing an quiz about which batman villan I am but then coming across an article that explores body issues. I hope Buzzfeed can create and maintain a sustainable identity.

  6. I am a huge fan of BuzzFeed too! I love that they are on snap chat now too, it makes it so much easier to access. It’s a great website for when your avoiding doing work but it is also super helpful. I have done a couple of recipes that I found on this site that have turned out amazing!

  7. I go on BuzzFeed all the time when I am on facebook, There are tons of funny videos and articles and you can go from one to the next so easily I always find my self getting lost in time. With as much as I go on BuzzFeed through facebook I have never actually been to the site. I’ll have to check it out!

  8. BuzzFeed is such a a great site, dangerous though because I will catch myself scrolling through for hours. Its so easy to navigate it almost does it for you, whatever catches my eyes I just end up clicking on. Facebook kills me with this. Although it is often very funny, I actually do learn some interesting stuff on BuzzFeed. Great site with UCD.

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