I love staying on top of pop culture and seeing what the latest trends are so I regularly visit, the website of People Magazine.  The website does a great job of providing articles regarding pop culture, picutres and videos of celebrities, and what style and clothes are trending right now.

Rhetorical Awareness

Rhetorical Awareness is used to persuade and tabloids do just that.  People magazine does a great job of engaging readers and inviting them into the private lives of celebrities.  They persuade readers to keep purchasing their magaizne or go on the website by captivating readers through pictures and colums that leave it open for interpretation.  In order to do a good job of persuasion, they fully understand the purpose of their writing, entertainment Articles are being written because people want entertainment.  Why We Need the Tabloids points out that the life of celebrities is hidden and tabloids invite us.  These colums are being written because people want to know how the other side lives.  The audience is all people who are drawn to the rich and famous culture.  People love focusing on other people’s lives rather than there own and seeing problems they have so the attention isn’t on themselves.  Celebrities can be affected by the tabloids but since they have existed for a long time, it’s easily shaken off.  The context of the people magazine is a lot given by celebrities.  The style section of the website features different celebrities that week who have been fasionable.  Certain stories are also given by celebrites to promote themselves.  In How Tabloids Work, they talk about why celebrities give out gossip about themselves.  Either they do it for good publicity or to avoid a negative story about themselves but both provide a situation where context can be griven to the writers.

Reaching the Readers does a great job of always having their readers in mind, they make there money off of it.  They always keep in mind their audience because topics and news is consttanly popping up so they need to realize what people want to read.  What certain topics are going to draw the readers in?  Readers are expecting the latest drama and whats hot in hollywood.  Most people reading are those who are drawn to keeping up with pop culutre like myself and have to constantly keep being on top of that.  People does a great job of showing when articles were posted so readers know how current everything actually is.  Readers are going onto the website to quickly catch up on what’s happening, not looking to read a five page article.  Most of the articles on the wesbite are either 1 to 2 pages and easy reads.  The vocabulary isn’t extensive so everything is easy and fast to read unlike if you were reading say the New York Times.  That could be a downfall for the website however readers are well aware they aren’t reading this for educational purposes.  People are reading this material to take a break from their own crazy, hectic lives and read into someone elses.  The website also has pictures with small three sentence captions that allow readers to get an even closer look into lives and see for themselves what the articels are talking about.  It is extremely useable, having a homepage that the first half has pictures with attatched articles and the second half having articles with brief summaries about them on the side.  Just one click and you are able to read or view what you wanted.

Along with gossip, also shares stories about real-life heros and every day people doing something great.  When you are reading about movie stars and singers you can’t believe these people are real and feel as if they are so far away from us and in another universe.  By having articles about working class people doing amazing things, readers are brought back down to earth.  Readers can relate more to “normal” people and can connect on a greater level.

At the end of the day, humans want a break from themselves. does a great job of allowing readers to enter a website, click on an article and enter another world.


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  1. I don’t read a lot of People magazine, but completely understand where you’re coming from with wanting to know what is happening with celebrities and famous people. I love watching sports, and these days it is easier than it ever has been to follow what athletes are doing on and off the field/court/rink. While it’s another way to get entertainment, there is also I think a motivational or inspirational aspect of knowing how famous people and the ultra successful carry on in their daily lives.

    1. I definately agree with the motivational aspect. I never thought about it in that way but its true. If we see these people have nicer things, its an incentive for us to work hard to be there some day. Especially for athletes who want to be professionals, its definately attainable

  2. People is one of the few sources I’ll look at if I’m feeling the need to know what’s new in the celeb world. I don’t feel the need to keep up with the Kardashian’s or any celebrities for that matter. But it is nice from time to time to see what craziness famous people are going through as a distraction from everyday life. I’ve never really used the website, but it is one of the few magazines my parents had a subscription to back home.

    1. It’s so annoying how the Kardashians are everywhere, they are taking over and I hate it. People actually does a great job of not talking about them that much I think because they really don’t do anything beneficial for society. I feel that People is the most reliable and does a great job of being providing gossip but staying professional

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