The Skinny Confidential

cropped-logo2015The Skinny Confidential is an online wellness, fitness, fashion, and food blog by Lauryn Evarts, but her website basically encompasses everything a woman needs to know about being the best version of herself. She is a native Southern Californian from San Diego. I started following her on Instagram because my boyfriend knows her from high school and suggested that I follow her. After realizing that even her Instagram was so helpful and easy to learn from, I began going onto her blog.

One of the aspects of The Skinny Confidential that I was immediately drawn to was the fact that everything was extremely organized and clean on her website. At the top of the website, Lauryn has organized all the different categories so it is easy to find what you are looking for. For example, if you want to look at beauty tips that she has, you just have to click on the link at the top of the website. I love that I can easily find exactly what I am looking for, and it takes a second to go to the page you want to go to.


The colors Lauryn has chosen for The Skinny Confidential provides a soothing and peaceful tone when on the website. The colors are black and light pink, which makes the blog look crisp and clean. Even the pictures on her website are so meticulously done that they really contribute to the overall experience when on the website. She juxtaposes the black with white writing so it is extremely easy to see the headlines and what you are reading.


Her posts on the website are organized so well that it only takes a few seconds to find the exact post you are wanting to read. For example, on her style page, she has all of her posts organized into square blocks with pictures in it as well as the title of that specific post. As a result, the reader can easily and quickly figure out exactly what she wants to read. One of my favorite aspects of The Skinny Confidential is her writing. She does not sugar coat anything, and all of her writing on her blog is more like a friend giving advice to another friend. She is a “real talker”, which gives an intimate relationship between herself and her readers. She is not afraid to talk about anything, even when the topic is sorta embarrassing to talk about. Lauryn understands her audience so well and knows that women just want someone to give them realness and professionalism at the same time.

What is especially unique to The Skinny Confidential, is that she provides such a wealth of information, that so many different individuals can benefit from her advice. Everything that she posts is done out of experience. Nothing she suggests she has not done or tried. I have learned so so much from reading her blog and even following her on Instagram. I recommend this blog for everyone, just because she touches on so many aspects of life that I know any person could resonate with her. She brings a lot of humor into her posts so they are never boring to read, and she continuously writes about insecurities that we all have, but then explains how to overcome them. One of the best things I love about her blog is that she really tries to be a normal, everyday woman. She is just like her readers and does not try to put herself on a pedestal to be worshiped by everyone else. Lauryn is just like you and me.


9 thoughts on “The Skinny Confidential

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I heard one of my friends mention this blog a few weeks ago actually, so I will definitely have to check it out. It’s so important that the author puts herself on the same level as her readers so that the readers can really connect.

  2. Giving direct advice and not sugar-coating it is something I think can be very helpful for people trying to make changes in their life. This author seems like they know what they’re doing.

  3. I’ve never heard of the Skinny Confidential but I will definitely have to check it out! I feel like a blog is a really effective way to connect with the people you are targeting so I bet its really interesting to see how she does that. I haven’t really ever followed many blogs but this healthy living theme that she focuses on seems to be something I would be interested in. I am curious to see how she discusses the topics you mentioned that are more embarrassing to talk about. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Some of my friends have talked about this blog and after reading your article I figured I’d check it out. It’s so neatly organized! It’s very nice that the author isn’t trying to be something she’s not, you know? It makes her articles so much more relatable.

  5. I took a peek on the website and it looks like something that is very welcoming from the start. I appreciate the aspect you mentioned where she doesnt sugarcoat things but she is also honest in terms of discussing certain topics that may otherwise be embarrasing. It kind of reminds me of last week when we were talking about being empathetic means showing enough care that you can be honest and real with others for their sake.

  6. I’m so glad you shared this! I’m so excited to visit this site, it sounds really interesting. I love reading about other people’s experiences and hopefully being able to learn something from them. It’s always nice to gain a new perspective on the world.

  7. I am definitely going to have to try this site out! I have been looking for something similar to this to help me reach my fitness and beauty goals. The fact that is so neatly organized and easy to navigate draws me to it even more. Thank you for sharing this, I look forward to checking it out and seeing what all there is to offer on the site!

  8. It’s great that this blog is well organized and easy to manage. Sometimes when you read some of these website/ blog things it’s really hard to find a link or something that they post. I will definately check this website out now because I’m always looking for great places for ideas.

  9. I will definitely start to use this site! It looks amazing. I feel like I have heard of it before. The alignment of the photo tiles is very crisp and allows easy flow for the viewer. It is very relaxed yet sophisticated. It seems like she follows the “two click” rule, where navigation should only take two mouse clicks to get to your wanted destination.

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