Graphic Design

I absolutely love shopping at Target. I buy everything I need there from groceries to clothes to cleaning supplies. I don’t always have time to leave the house and physically go to the store, so I love using their website to do a lot of my online shopping. Target does a great job on the layout and design of featuring products. They use one typeface that is easy to read and very professional. All of the pictures are perfectly aligned and there is no awkward spaces or gaps between them. There are sufficient margins and plenty of white space that makes the site more inviting and less cluttered feeling. Target uses their main color scheme, red and white, throughout the site. When navigating through the site it is easy to find what you are looking for because of the bold print and the different categories that they have set up all theitargetr products in. The on sale items are featured on their homepage in big red print, while featured categories are organized below in a less dramatic way. This is how they target a specific item to grab the shopper’s attention and avoid monotone.

Target also displays a weekly featured ad on their website. This weeks ad’s was to convince shoppers to buy their Father’s Day stuff from them. This ad featured a picture of a dad with overlapping words. This broken border was designed so that all the pictures and words were touching or overlapping. Two of the pictures were cropped from their original size which creates mystery for the buyer. All of the colors were subdued instead of saturated, which was aesthetically pleasing. There was a nice flow to this ad with the obvious target being the father, then in smaller pictures, possible gifts to give your father. The contrast of the white text stood out well in front of the darker pictures.


Rhetorical Awareness and UCD

The purpose of the website that Target has created was to reach a wider audience. Instead of having to drive all the way to the store to buy something, the consumer can get online and in a matter of minutes, and order what they need. The audience for Target’s website is pretty vague because people of all different backgrounds and ages are targeted. However, people who have a hard time getting out of the house or who are too busy to go out might use this site more. Target’s website was created so that people all over have access to their products and services. Today’s generation is technology heavy and to keep up with the rising demands, it makes sense for businesses to have an online service to provide products to their consumers.

Target’s website is extremely user friendly. When navigating from the homepage there is a clear to see search bar. To the left of the search bar, in red, are deals and categories. If the shopper wishes to look up specific deals about a product they are searching it is made easier with this pull down menu. The homepage is very simple and there is just enough information for the consumer without having so much that it is confusing or cluttered.


Overall, Target has done a very nice job with their website. I will continue to use this site for my shopping needs when I am too busy or lazy to make it to the actual store. In today’s day and age it is important for companies to have a graphically pleasing website in order to compete with other businesses. By having an appealing layout that is believable and easy to understand, Target is on the right path for long term success.





3 thoughts on “Target

  1. The use of the color white really makes a lot of web pages appear more open due to the blank space. Targets site sounds pretty comparable to Amazon in that respect. I agree that an appealing, easy to understand layout will only work in a company’s favor.

  2. I love target too, when I am in boulder it is where I get literally EVERYTHING I could ever need, which makes things very convenient. The site is very well done and I like that they even show you whats in stock at individual stores! I hope they will start a delivery service soon to further escalate my laziness.

  3. I had to start shopping at Target by default because there was no Walmart close in Boulder. Interestingly, I find myself shopping there now when I go home over Walmart which I’m more accustom to.

    I like the alignment of the site under the “featured categories” section. Very easy and the pictures seem to just jump right at you in that section.

    Well put together site.

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