Blog Post #5

Amazon keeps its website very simple and easy to navigate.  Like Apple, the simplicity of the website throughout its different pages allows for customers to cruise through the site with ease.  Although, it is Amazon’s graphic design which helps it to reach so many users all across the world.  I use Amazon for most of my online shopping because pretty much every item that one can think of can be found on Amazon, and the prices are usually great.  When first opening the website, images of random items appear on the home screen.  Amazon offers “Today’s Deals” and “Items of the Day” with big pictures and cheap prices, there is hardly a time when I find myself not clicking on “Today’s Deals” just to see if anything might interest me.  Amazon also has a “Popular Departments” page that is placed at the center of the home screen which makes it easy for a shopper to get distracted immediately after entering the website and be drawn to buy something that they otherwise had no intention of even looking at. The pathos that is implemented is a tremendous amount of white space which keep shoppers from focusing on anything other than the pictures on page.

Often times when navigating Amazon’s website I end up buying an extra item or two that I was not planning on getting, simply because a picture caught my attention and then the price was too good to pass up.  The website doesn’t have a plethora of writing and information, but what is written is kept simple and formal to appeal to the ethos side of shoppers.  This is beneficial because it is much easier for a consumer to just glance and scroll through items without having to actually read about them.  All of the images that Amazon utilizes are high quality, clear, and colorful.  Most of the images also offer a zoom in feature which is awesome for anyone who is very particular about an item, or for anyone who might have bad eyesight and needs a closer look at what they are about to buy.  Although, the images that are featured are already quite large and visible so that nothing can be overlooked.

Amazon’s website is created to tempt shoppers to buy items on their site that they had no intention of buying when they searched Amazon in the first place.  Amazon’s operations management has excelled above any other company, allowing Amazon to store and sell basically every product there is.  With amazing UCD and graphic design intermixed, Amazon’s sales are incredible.  They draw users in with graphic design and then their UCD lets the shoppers navigate the site with ease and almost forces them to make purchases that they didn’t want to make prior to entering the site.

In the end, the amount of line items that Amazon has on its site is amazing compared to its competitors.  Amazon has figured out the most efficient way to house inventory and utilize storage space most efficiently.  Although, since there are no Amazon stores, and the company is based solely off of e-commerce, it is Amazon’s graphic design and UCD tactics that have allowed it to succeed and evolve into the company that it is today.  Keeping things simple graphically and making the site easy to navigate has increased Amazon’s success and will continue to be the factor that helps it become even more profitable in the near future.



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