imgresMy first thought when I look at the homepage of Bloomingdale’s online website is the store’s utilization of white space, and how this strategic decision helps viewers focus their eyes on the attention-grabbing colored blocks. Michelle Lana’s online article, Why White Space is so Important, attests to these benefits of having white space when designing a webpage. These in turn promote niche buying and certain sales.


The Bloomingdale’s website is a perfect example of Dave Underwood’s “Look, Believe, Understand” concept for graphic design. One of the primary reasons why Bloomingdales has such a popular online shopping site is because of the contrast presented just on the homepage alone. Like Dave Underwood demonstrated, the Bloomingdale’s website looks professional and organized because they structured everything in line with a grid system. Additionally, this website provides viewer-friendly text, contrasting black and white fonts with colorful background blocks. This adds to the overall success of the website.


In addition to the website’s use of white space or undeveloped free space to promote eye-catching from the viewers, Bloomingdale’s brings different thickness and size fonts, which adds a great depth of contrast to their website. This online article on the principle of contrast outlines its specific benefits to website design. The company uses the graphic design concept of creative cropping throughout their online shopping site. One example of this is how they show different articles of clothing on the models. If the item for sale is a pair of pants, the picture is cropped to show only right above the waist and down. This leads to the potential buyer being able to focus closely on the item at hand, instead of getting confused on which piece of clothing is the one being promoted. Furthermore, when the website is promoting a specific sale, the company utilizes the strategy of tension to draw the viewer in. They place the text close together in order to steer the viewer’s e


The Bloomingdale’s website fully exudes professionalism in attempting to give the viewer a lasting first impression of their shopping site. It is easy to see that they put a great amount of thoughtfulness in their ads. Every aspect of the website is meticulously laid out for a reason, placing a huge emphasis on details. They utilize the ethos aspect of putting boxes around certain “claims” and put borders around almost everything. The company offers a large amount of personality in each of the pages on the website. Even though this online site is HUGE, they manage to make it feel small by successfully organizing EVERYTHING down to a tee. The company makes it extremely easy to find anything, even something that is obscure and uncommon.


Even though the Bloomindale’s website provides a ton of information, it is not too much information-it does not overwhelm the viewer. They provide just enough for the viewer to know EVERYTHING about every item they sell, but just enough so he/she does not get confused by the information. By placing organizing headlines on the top of the website page (Designers, What’s New, Women, Shoes, Handbags, Shoes and Accessories) in a hierarchical order, the company is able to hook the audience. An important strategic decision that adds great success to the website is the fact that they contrasted the black font of all the other headlines with a beautiful purple/pink color font for “women”. This is a great decision because they realize the majority of their audience who views the page are women. For this reason, they make it extremely easy for any woman to go online and quickly see everything for sale for women.

I absolutely love shopping at Bloomindale’s. When I lived on the East Coast, I would go to the store in Manhattan. But honestly, their website is amazing. They have such an array of every piece of clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewelry, etc. In particular, if you are trying to find something for a special occasion, I definitely recommend checking out their website!


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  1. I love Bloomingdale’s website!! Their color scheme is so nice to follow and easy on the eyes. It’s almost nicer to online shop at Bloomingdale’s as opposed to going to the mall to shop at any brick and mortar stores.

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