“Gilt”y Pleasure

Gilty as Charged

One of my favorite websites to shop around and kill time on is Gilt.  It’s basically a sample sale but at the convience of your own house or anywhere your computer is.  It takes luxury brands, typically sold in high end department stores, and puts them on sale for a short amount of time.  The sales start from about 40% to 80% off and items range from shoes and accessories to pants and jackets.  Not only are there women, mens, and kids selections available but also home items and “city” items, such as spas, car rentals, dinners, things to do within your city.  I believe that what sets Gilt apart from other competting websites is their pathos and logos, drawing in the buyer.


I believe that what sets apart Gilt and motivates its audience to buy things is it’s look.  Right when that home screen opens up it’s a clean, white, refreshing page.  It’s unique layout sets it apart from typical online store websites.  If you go on store websites they normally have clutter and a lot going on.  It can get overwhelming if you are looking for something and there is just too mayn options.  Gilt is a very attractive website similar to its products.

White space is very evident on the website.  The website has many options to choose from but that first page, scales things down for the audience.  It is not noisy at all and they demand the attention of the user through contrast.  The pictures used for a sale are colors that pop out and draw the buyer in.  Against the crisp white background, and black classic font, the bright colors really stand out and cause attention to a certain sale.

The playfulness of the website is what I think the website has done the best job at.  The images only show a sneak peak into the sale allowing the audience to really think about items are available.  I know that whenever I am on the website and all I see is that image, if I like it I will click on it.  Each sale picture either has tension or broken boarders.  Some images will have shoes and a bag touching together hinting that multiple things are on sale.  Other images will have the upper body of a women but cut off at a point where you can’t see the bottom of her shirt.  You want to know what the bottom of the shirt or jacket looks like to see if you want to buy it.  Many things are left to question, causing the buyer to click on the sale, creating more options for them to look at to buy.


Getting people to look is probably the hardest thing for any website to achieve.  One of the best things Gilt does is once it gets someone on their website, they can invite others to be apart of it, getting people to look  It’s like they are killing two birds with one stone.  In an interview with Alexis Maybank, co-founder of Gilt, she speaks about how they connected with people who were big in fashion on social media.  Those people then reached out to others, getting people to look at the wesbite. The main reason it was sucessful was because of the core message they were sending out.  The first thing you see on the website is the high end products on sale for a huge discount.

The flow of the wesbite also draws in buyers by being simple and easy to use.  Also they know exactly who their audience is.  One article I read, Gilt Groupe…understanding brand appeal, praises Gilt for their ability to undersand customers.  The audience knows what they want, they enjoy these brands and want them at a cheaper price.  The website easily allows customers to pick where they want to go without being pushy.  There are no unwanted ads on the side of the website or constant pop ups annoying you.  The website is extremely user friendly and I think one of the easiest ways to shop online.

Final Touches

I hate shopping online but when I need something this is where I will go.  They have certain categories or features that are themed based, like “Perfect for the Office” or “summer chic”.  It’s super helpful when you don’t know exactly what you want and are lost and need some direction.


7 thoughts on ““Gilt”y Pleasure

  1. This sounds like the perfect website for me! I just quickly scanned through it a little bit, and it’s a lot easier to read as opposed to Groupon… Groupon has a bright green color scheme and lots of text just popping out at you everywhere.

    1. I just get so lost on Groupon. I will search something and get taken to a completely different thing and its frustraiting. I am surprised they don’t get more complaints for their lack of organization

  2. I have heard of Gilt but I have never gone onto their website until now! It really offers a unique service as well as a large variety of luxury products, making them available to more than just the typical designer shopper.

    It also seems very friendly to users, showing categories that will allow consumers to narrow their search. The pictures and products they incorporate are very effective in representing a focus on fashion forward consumers who they can reach with sales and deals. I will definitely have to look at this website more closely and keep my eye out for some awesome sales!

  3. I had never heard of this website before this post, but it seems like a very customer-oriented place, and it appears they do a good job of trying to be connected to customer’s desires and those latest trends. You mentioned the co-founder was involved with fashion social media, which seems to show. That section “city sales” that provides discounts on commonly used services like Lyft is also a very cool addition that proves their orientation towards customer satisfaction.

  4. Luxury brands and high discounts are usually a pretty luring combination. In think the website does a really good job in establishing Pathos and Ethos. This is because their website looks very professional, simple, and inviting. Nothing about the website would suggest cheapness or knock off products. Its a website I will definetely have to look at more in the future.

    1. It’s a really great website for anything really. It’s extremely helpful during the holidays because it categorizes and filters out the exact things you are looking for. Or if you don’t know, they will help you and won’t steer you wrong.

  5. The layout of their site is aesthetically pleasing. The white space and small amount of text really let the viewer focus in on the images. The flow is logical and it’s very easy to navigate.

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