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I will be the first to say that I don’t ever really shop online. While I have done so sparingly in the past it is definitely not something I find myself doing on a regular basis. So for this   post I decided to instead use the website of one of one of my favorite clothing stores. While some of the items can be a relatively expensive at the store, I have typically found that clothing items from J. Crew are durable and long lasting. Over the years I have definitely added quite a bit of clothes from J. Crew to my wardrobe.

I have been shopping at J. Crew for years at this point and have purchased a few items through the online store, but never really took an in depth peek at the website. After logging on to it, I found that the website incorporated a lot of the concepts that Dave Underwood discusses in the various videos we watched for this piece.


The first aspect of the site that really stands out is the use of contrast by J. Crew. The site employs a standard white background and contrasts with simple black font. While this is relatively common nowadays, I feel that J. Crew’s website uses the incorporation of this contrast as a method of creating a clean, polished looking context within which the company may frame the clothing itself.

Another major theme on the J. Crew website is the use of various sizing of featured clothing, products, and collections in order to concentrate reader focus on specific portions of the website. For instance, at the time of this writing the main feature of the front page of the website, as clearly indicated by the outsized picture attached, is a link to a collection from J. Crew that uses a clever play on words to entice women readers into exploring the website at greater depth.

By utilizing mismatched sizing as well as a sleek, simple background and website context J. Crew is able to use it’s website to highlight the importance of it’s products and frame them in a beneficial light.

Ethos and Logos

The website for J. Crew also incorporates a number of concepts outlined in Dave Underwood’s descriptions of Ethos and Logos. One of the concepts utilized most effectively is the strong sense of organization and alignment present throughout the website. There is a clear limit on information posted that could cause any sense of clutter with the website and even brief examination will show how almost the entire website is in perfect alignment. The use of these organizational concepts of Ethos helps to build a website that gives off a strong sense of credibility and stability.

The main focus of just about anyone logging onto JCrew.com is going to be the clothes. With that understanding, logically J. Crew uses models wearing their clothes in order to grab the viewers immediate attention. While the general focus of the website can vary from different collections, sales, and new arrivals, J. Crew is all about their clothes and that is apparent in any phase of their sophisticated, polished, and well organized website.


4 thoughts on “J. Crew

  1. I’ve never looked at the J. Crew website and after reading your article I decided to do so. You hit the nail on the head with your “Ethos and Logos” section, everything is so well organized and aligned. It’s also very sophisticated and well polished. In a lot of clothing sites I’ve seen graphics where, after looking at it, I’m confused on what it is they’re actually selling but like you said, J.Crew is all about focusing on their clothes.

  2. I somehow landed a job as a sales associate for J. Crew one summer. The employee discount is insane so anyone who is obsessed with J. Crew, I highly recommend trying to work there simply for their discounts. I don’t think I even made any money that summer because I got a 60% discount on many pieces of clothing. But also just from a shoppers viewpoint, their online website is great because it’s clean and easy to navigate.

  3. I have shopped at the J. Crew store many many times, but have never actually been to their site. Having seen the catalog a few times I can easily imagine how they use contrast on the site. It really does provide a crisp clean look.

  4. When I shop online or look for anything on J. Crew’s website I feel like I am in the store. I think they do a really great job of making their website clean, proper, and fresh just like if you were to go into the store. I agree it can be pricey but I think they have great merchandise and also long lasting work clothes. The website is user friendly just like if you were to walk into the store

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