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My Blue Organic Pad

The Organic Climbing website is one of my all-time favorites to go on to for many reasons. Although there is no reason to purchase products from their site often because of their long lasting high quality, I like to go on to the page and check out their new work… and dream about having more money to buy things. Even though their bouldering crash pads are very pricey, they are rated very well and I have had nothing but good experiences with the ones I have used. I feel that another one of the reasons I enjoy this site so much is because they effectively utilize many of the elements Dave Underwood mentioned in his videos.


The element that sticks out to me when I go onto the page is contrast. Everything on the page stands out so strongly without overwhelming the visitor. The black background surrounds pictures of their products, making it easy to gather an idea of the products they offer. There is also a slideshow of large pictures at the head of the page, mostly showing professional climbers using their products, encouraging consumers to want to buy them.

The page features a lot of “white” space, making it easy to find the pages you are looking for. The pages are not covered with text and there are not many pages, making it easy to find the products you are looking for. On each page, the tension is very effective in allowing the consumer to scroll through the products quickly and making it easy to compare products side by side.

Unique Custom Products

I am going to argue that this page features playfulness as well. As Underwood mentions, playfulness makes you think harder about what is shown and I think Organic Climbing does this with its unique products. It does not simply offer a set product that consumers find on the site to buy the exact version. The element I love so much about this company is that every consumer designs his/her own pad or chalk bag, making each product unique. You can choose the colors and design of your product, even if you want a representation of your dog sewn onto it. I feel that this represents playfulness because it allows the consumer to interact with the page beyond just looking for products. It is also a unique feature that no other climbing company offers.

Ethos & Logos

The Organic Climbing website is very clean and organized. There is no unnecessary clutter that makes it difficult to scan. The font also helps with this, as it is easy to read and there is not a lot of it covering the page. Every element flows because each picture and its placement compliments the ones that surround it and there is no trapped space.

Since most of their products are unique, Organic Climbing does a really good job of grabbing your attention with great design by using Instagram pictures to show you what they have created for other consumers. I really enjoy this element of the site because it allows me to see the variety of awesome products they have created and also gives me ideas for my own products. It also allows you to see what steps go on behind the scenes of creating their products and this is very interesting to me. This, to me, is a perfect example of what Underwood discussed regarding good ideas and good design to engage the target.

In Conclusion

All in all, I really enjoy the Organic Climbing site because of the awesome variety of products it offers and because of the site itself. I didn’t realize that the webpage design was such a factor in why I like the site until I watched Underwood’s videos. The shopping experience created using contrast, white space, playfulness and many more engages the consumers in the Organic Climbing community. Utilizing these design and rhetoric elements, Organic Climbing provides a simple website where consumers can create their own personal crash pad masterpieces.


5 thoughts on “Organic Climbing, USA

  1. After reading your post I checked out the Organic Climbing website and though I’m not a climber, their site was so aesthetically pleasing to look through. Contrast felt essential to their brand and they use it so well. They didn’t shy away from colors and I loved that.

  2. I think the user experience is really important for websites who sell pretty expensive products. I love looking at Bose products on their website even though I may buy something only once in a while. A large part of it is because the website makes me want to stay and keep thinking about the products even when Im not on it. It looks like Organic Climbing does a good job of doing the same exact thing.

  3. White space can make a page seem much easier to navigate. I encountered the same thing using Amazon. Climbing is a pretty fun hobby, indoors and outdoors.

  4. I like the simple design of their website and the Instagram photos at the bottom of the homepage which show off their products being used and even how they are made. I think this makes for a better connection to customers who are on the edge of buying some sort of equipment. Enjoy your future climbing adventures!

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