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Tobi-logoTobi is a women’s online clothing store which uses several of the techniques Dave describes in his videos. I often find myself just browsing through all the products they offer. It makes a little more sense now after watching Dave’s videos why I like the site so much. Of course I like the products they offer, but I also enjoy the way they’ve presented it to me! I’ve only completed the purchase a few times, but that’s generally because of financial reasons rather than Tobi doing a bad job selling their product. The website is organized in a way that makes it appealing to look at, and easy to scroll through and navigate without being overwhelmed.


When on the homepage of Tobi, already they are pulling you in. There is not a ton of white space on the home page, but there are pictures which create tension. They utilize the two thirds rule with the picture they have chosen. Of course the women are wearing Tobi’s clothing, but you can’t see any of the full outfits until you reach the third picture closer to the bottom. All the outfits are different but I think they are slowly releasing the tension by having the picture be close up in the beginning and as you show more interest it slowly zooms out. This is good use of creative cropping to draw you in. It causes you to be curious about what else they offer. There is also a good use of cool palettes. They add the perfect pop of color and as you reach the bottom there are links to all their products. There is also a main menu at the top you can click to reach if you know what you’re looking for, but I think they do a great job of attracting new customers who had never visited the site before.

As you click the various links to the pages that display the products, Tobi utilizes white space to almost border each product, which allows the products to stand alone and speak for themselves. However, each product’s background color is the same one or two colors bringing the products together. The mixture of these two elements helps the clothes to stand alone while still creative a cohesive look due to the cool colors used. With that tension is also created because the page alignment is off-center to the right.

Ethos and Logos

Tobi utilizes several elements of ethos as well. Again, starting at the home page, there is use of alignment. The pictures I mentioned above are all the same size, but the alignment also stays consistent through to the bottom where the words begin. The alignment stays pretty consistent throughout the site. There is no unnecessary clutter, and everything that you see is there for a reason. Since there aren’t too many words on the site, I didn’t think there would be contrasting typefaces, but there were! They used only two that I saw, one serif, and one sans serif. They were easy to read and there weren’t more words than there needed to be.

As for Logos, the did well baiting the hook on the front page. They have a sale going on that is a 50% off summer sale which definitely drew me in! These are the first words you see on the homepage which is meant to make the customer want to know more, and hopefully go deeper into the site. Throughout the rest of the site, the target that is most obvious is the clothes.


I have enjoyed browsing through Tobi for quite some time, and it’s been interesting to analyze it and find out some of the reasons why I probably found it so appealing. It’s a well designed website which utilizes several of the pathos, ethos, and logos techniques Dave Underwood talked about. I hope I am able to start noticing these techniques when I see them in action!


7 thoughts on “Tobi

  1. I’ve also noticed the zooming out pictures on Tobi’s website quite a bit. There are lots of websites that are just easy and fun to scroll through, and Tobi’s is definitely one of them.

    1. They do make their customers, or at least me, curios to see what else they have to offer. Generally on their actual shopping pages, the picture of the clothing item is up close, and when you place your mouse over the item it zooms out and goes through multiple views and angles of the item without you even needing to click on it. It’s a very well designed website in my opinion.

  2. I stumbled upon Tobi sometime in high school and since then their site has always been one of my favorite to browse. I agree that they use their color palates well, the use of the cooler colors entices the shopper!

    1. Yeah, they choose their colors very well. They do have very cute clothes, but when there isn’t a sale going on they can be a bit pricey. I love just browsing the site, but I hardly ever buy anything. It’s very interesting.

  3. My friend one time suggested I use this site and I’ve been hooked ever since! All of their dress designs are so cool and unique and they do a great job of showcasing the styles. I love that it is so easy to find the sale items and the sale items are actually a really good deal, not just a rip off. Everything on the page is so clean and neat that it makes it easy to find what you are looking for, whether that be a specific season or a certain style. What really drew me in was the promotional offer for first time buyers, and they did an amazing job marketing it as well!

  4. I agree with Laura’s response! My sister recommended this shopping site to me a few years ago, and what really made me first buy something is their promotional offer for first time buyers. It’s such a great deal and just like Laura said, the company does such a great job marketing it to viewers and potential buyers.

  5. This sight is very cute. The white atmosphere to the website makes it very easy to look at and its simplicity makes it easy to navigate. I saw the use of bold v. regular font type, but I did not see the serifs except for the sole exception of the home page. I believe they could have used this method more in their headlines and titles.

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