Reflecting on 3040 & Beyond

Before Writing 3040 and Beyond, I have been told many times what I am supposed to do to prepare for the job hunt and also what not to do. I knew the basics of writing cover letters and how to put together a resume. I knew not to post pictures and words on social media that could be seen negatively by others. However, I never really knew how to execute these things really well until this class.

3040 and Beyond Reflection

Looking back at my blog posts, I learned to represent my personal voice through my writing, even if I was simply writing about the design of a website. I feel that the posts with the prompts related to more difficult and vulnerable times in our lives really helped me open up as a writer and learn how to portray myself through my writing. Representing my opinions and thoughts while doing something such as writing an analysis has always been difficult for me because I always focus on the facts directly; so, the blogs about webpage design really helped me grow in this area.

LearningAlong with the blog pieces I have written in this class, the questionnaire we did for the personal branding unit really helped me take a deeper look at all of my social media platforms and determine a more detailed profile of who I wanted to be seen as by others. I think this is so important, especially as millennials because social media is so popular today for us and also for the employers who are looking to hire us. I never really took the time to think about all of my accounts on this level so I am definitely thankful for the opportunity.

One area I feel I did really well in was the resume presentation for the personal branding portfolio. I really love creativity and designing things so this was the perfect opportunity for me to put my love for those aspects into something that will be useful to me when looking for jobs in the future. I had never heard of a resume presentation and I love the idea of representing yourself as a person as well as showcasing the skills and experiences you are proud of. This project is definitely something I can use on my LinkedIn profile as well as after graduation when I can show this presentation to potential employers.

Moving Forward from 3040 and Beyond

The largest piece of knowledge that I took away from this class was how to present these things in the most effective way while representing my personal brand to different audiences. This knowledge is definitely something I will take with me when looking for future jobs. In this process I will know how to better write a cover letter that represents me as a person but is also concise and to the point. I will also look more carefully at the type of resume I turn in because, previously, I did not know that resume templates could differ greatly depending on the field you are applying in.

In the short term, I can better manage my social media in a way that allows me to portray myself in a positive light to future employers and other people in general. My goal in this area is to post more academic items on my LinkedIn, such as interesting articles and news, so I can show my investment and interest in learning. This will also help others see the causes and events that interest me and that I am aligned with.

This class also taught me more about the challenges and opportunities facing millennials. I find this information so useful because I had never really looked into it before even though I knew there would be many challenges and stereotypes facing me as a millennial in the work world. My group and I found a lot of great resources and gathered great information regarding tips and tricks for millennials as they begin picking their career path and starting the job application process.


One thought on “Reflecting on 3040 & Beyond

  1. I felt like this class helped me improve my presentation of myself as well. Hopefully you’ll be able to use your research from this class to benefit your future.

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