To prepare for the job market I am honestly going to look and see if there are websites like the ones we made for whatever field I want to go in.  I want to see what I can do to connect with companies more and what they are looking for.  It’s important to make sure that everything flows together and is clear.  I will be going back to make sure that everything on my Linkedin and resume aline correctly.  I plan on working on finding my voice more in my work, especially on things where I can be more personable.  I think there is a time and place to be proper and serious like the resume and cover letter.  But I want to connect more and show more of my personality so I be constanly editing my Linkedin.


Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.13.14 PM.pngI always feel like I want to add an extra link or a project I have worked on when companies ask for any thing extra on applications.  Now I can with my website and I look forward to using it.  I think it’s another way I can use my voice and show more of a personal side.




This class has made me really think more about how I connect with people without actually meeting them.  You think the first time you meet someone is face to face.  That is how things used to be but now with technology and social media things have changed.  The last step now is having an interview and meeting face to face.

I really learned how to portray myself in an online presense.  I know fully understand how important it is to maintain a proper resume and make everything look neat.  Your resume, cover letter and Linkedin are your first impression.

Having said that, I want to be portrayed in a positive light.  I want to be seen as professional and give off the sense that I know what I am talking about from first click.  It doesn’t matter how much experiece you have, what matters is how you present it.  To companies, I want to be a top applicant and have my resume or cover letter stand out.  It’s like a handshake when you first meet someone.  If you have a great firm handshake, they are impressed.  If you have a limpy handshake people are going to see you differently.

The more and more I wrote the more and more I think I found my voice.  I found myself being able to connect more throughout the course with who I think would be my writers.  I put myself in the shoes of the audience I was writing to and wondered how they would want to read something.  All the information I read and processed I tried to put into my own words.  Confusing or a mass amounts of info I would compare to real life situations.

I enjoyed taking the information and relating to the real world.  I think it made it fun to read.  It also made it easier and more fun to write.  In the beginning I write and try and sound proper and correct.  The more relaxed I became writing the more I found my voice.  It was boring to reread my work but later once I found my voice, I didn’t mind rereading things.

images-1I still don’t think I am the best writer ever but I think I have excelled in improving.  I saw progress and better grades throughout the course once I added my own spin to things.



Working with my group on our project was a highlight for me.  I felt as if we all were on the same page and never had disconnect when coming up with ideas.  I think that translates to the real world and my ability to work well with others.  We all got along great and were able to be flexible and work hard for one another.



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