To prepare for the job market, I intend to learn marketable skills that will make me a valuable applicant. In the next few semesters, I will learn about systems and technologies that will enable me to analyze data and think in ways that are specific to my field of study. Since I spent this summer taking courses, I’ll be aiming to get an internship next summer in this field, which will require me to do more networking than ever before. Part of my personal brand is diligence, so in order to show that I am a hard worker, I am going to need to work to get as comfortable with the programs that I learn these next couple years as possible, so that when I apply for jobs, I am familiar with the learning process.

In this article, the author discusses how an interviewee’s knowledge of how to respond to just a few questions will help them see the big picture of how they can respond to other related questions. The reason people are hired for jobs is because the hiring company believes the candidate can add value to the organization. That being said, I need to make myself appear valuable in everything I do and be prepared to discuss the skill-sets I have that would make me and asset to a particular company.



I’ve learned that my portrayal in the professional world is a combination of how I see myself, as well as how other see me. In this Huffington Post article , the author discusses how important it is for a jobseeker to have confidence in himself or herself, no matter what circumstances he or she may be in. I want to show myself as someone who has respectable accomplishments and the ability to achieve difficult feats. One of the best ways to do this is by doing well in my relevant Information Management coursework. There are some factors that are out of my control in school, but one that is completely in my control is the amount of effort that I put in both inside and outside the classroom to develop into an individual with a well-balanced lifestyle. I’ve learned that I need to show consistency in everything I do, and put in a significant of time into everything when it comes to job searching, whether it’s networking, improving my resume, etc. All of the assignments in this course took several hours, if not days to complete, and now I feel more prepared to put in long hours of work for days at a time to end up with projects that I can be proud of.


One thing I like about my writing style that I’ve discovered throughout the duration of this class is my ability to transition between various topics and be able to see how everything relates has helped me to see the big picture of what it is that I’m creating. When my group-mate and I were creating our final presentation regarding advice to give millennials who are going into the information management field, I was able to see the layout of our presentation far before we’d finished it. This type of logical thinking is going to be important for the rest of my life both inside and outside of the workplace. Knowing what information is relevant and what it is that I need to look for during projects is a skill that I will have to use for the rest of my life. Being able to see how topics connect has helped me gain a deeper understanding of why it is that I’m doing certain types of research and work.

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