Looking Back… And Ahead

This course has taught me the importance of having a personal brand that is cohesive and clearly represents myself. By developing my personal brand during this course, I learned more about myself than I ever knew before, and I learned how to make the most of this new found “brand.” With this knowledge, I will take on the job world head on after graduation and not hold anything back. It is important for employers to know exactly who they are hiring, and your personal brand is the best way for them to understand who you are.

The personal website that I created for the Personal Branding Unit helScreen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.35.00 PMped me establish my key personality traits. I was able to choose a simple theme that I feel represents myself, and then also choose a soft color palette unique to my own taste. Within the personal website, future employers and anyone else who wants to learn more about me can scan through my resume, understand why I love to travel so much, and also have the means to contact me. The next few things I will do to prepare for the job market is to simply keep this website up to date and add new content when I feel it is necessary, and also be weary of what I post on social media or any other site that can be tracked back to me.

Looking Ahead

Before this course, I had never really thought exactly about how I want to be portrayed in the professional world by a future employer. However, I have discovered some key qualities that I want to be associated with my name: dedicated, talented, and overall genuine person. I want employers to hear my name and know immediately that I could do excellent work for them and their company. I do not want it to be a question of whether or not I would succeed at the job. One way to ensure this is the case is that I always present myself in a professional manner whether it be via email, phone, or in-person meetings with employers. First impressions are more important than the average person realizes, so if I take advantage of this, it will likely be to my benefit.

Since a very young age, I have always loved to write. Whether it was for a school project or just me making up stories and writing them down on paper, it has always been a way for me to escape for a little bit.pencil.jpg This course has forced me to analyze the way in which I write and my overall style more than I ever have before. I have started to acknowledge that overall I really enjoy my personal writing style and how I tend to go straight to the point. Writing in such a manner is particularly helpful in the business world because managers like to read memorandums and know exactly what the point is rather than having to dig for it.

I think overall this course has been very useful to me both in a personal and professional manner, and has helped me to understand just how important writing is for the business world. I feel that I have excelled the most with my LinkedIn profile and my personal website in this course. In my LinkedIn profile, I feel that I tend to be very concise with my points so whoever is looking at my profile can quickly identify what they are looking for and whether or not I fulfill that particular trait. Additionally, my personal website allowed me the opportunity to better develop my unique brand and understand how it can be useful in the professional world. With this knowledge, I can now say I very clearly understand the importance of one’s writing abilities and understanding of their own self in the professional world and during the job hunt.


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