Blog Post #6

Before this class, I never really thought about what it meant to brand yourself in a way that is sellable to others in a business sense. Writing was always a means of self-expression, so I never really thought about the way in which others viewed me by the way I portrayed myself through words. I never considered how others would judge my character or abilities by scanning a paper I wrote in 10 seconds. It’s a practice within a world I know that I will eventually have to get used to if I want to succeed in the end. This class was a lot of work and it made me really think about myself in ways I never did before. However, in the end, the skills and experiences I had in the class will be valuable assets going forward.


In terms of the job market, I am going to make sure that my personal branding aligns strongly with what I most value in life. This means that I am going to have to very concise and transparent in terms of what I produce going forward. In terms of portraying myself, I learned that selling is a really big part of succeeding in the professional world. I learned this when writing the sample cover letter where instead of writing about how I may benefit from the job, I had to really explain how a company would benefit from hiring me in the long term. It’s a practice that can be very hard to get right because it can differ on a case by case basis. It’s also really useful once you learn how to do it as a practice.

I always liked writing because I felt like it was an outlet for expressing myself in a way that I couldn’t quite do verbally. The blog posts are where this aspect really came out because I got to use a combination of creativity and structure to tell mini stories about who I was and what I was interested in. Because of this course, I’ve gained a real and authentic appreciation for the use of Pathos. Pathos in my opinion is what really makes people dive deep into whatever you may be saying or writing within your stories or speeches. I felt like Pathos gave me the greatest sense of self-expression and I am glad to know just how well I excel in that aspect of writing.


As mentioned before, I really appreciated the use of blog posts in this class. In fact, I would say that the blog posts are really where I excelled in the course. First of all, it was actually a pretty fun aspect of the class in my humble opinion. People rarely get to talk about themselves and let you know who they are so getting to know people through their stories was necessary to create some sort of cohesion.

The blog posts are also where I felt I learned the most in personal branding. This is because when I wrote my stories or posts, I truly began thinking about what I wanted others to get out of my post. As mentioned before, it’s an aspect of writing I was not familiar with before, but absolutely critical to learn about sooner or later. Also, by being involved in the blog posts, I really had to envision myself from the outside looking in on someone else’s work to see how others may perceive me or my work. The blog posts are an aspect of the class that I really appreciated and excelled at overall.

It was a pleasure to get to know all of you, and I hope for the very best in your futures!


One thought on “Blog Post #6

  1. The blog posts were pretty unique, I’d never done written assignments of that style prior to this class. Good luck developing your personal brand.

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