First of all, this class was awesome. When week 1 hit I freaked out a bit not understanding the workload, but then once I read through everything I was calm and started to learn a ton just after the first day. I have learned much that will help me to prepare for the job market in the near future. I currently have two semesters left in the business school at Boulder and the research that I did throughout this course was very influential to what I should expect in the job hunting process and what I should be looking for. I feel that my writing has progressed to an almost professional level and will continue to get better as I now understand the basics of how to appear and write professionally. I think my personal voice is much more authentic well, I speak with a different tones and thoroughly understand how to express my individual points of view. The main thing that I noticed is I need to be aware of my social media accounts. I have never taken into account the repercussions that they may have on my future and truly understand now that they must be kept professionally and not have anything on them that may change others views of me in a professional manor.

In the professional world I learned that I portray myself as a social individual who can work well with all kinds of people, although, at the same time, someone that is hardworking and can be a leader when necessary. I like to lead but am not someone who likes to boss people around, I like to be helpful and teach people things that I know and try to get everyone to work well together whether it means in a classroom or at work. I would like to portray myself as more of a calm person. I realized throughout the course that I can sometimes get frustrated and impatient, but if I can get rid of those habits I believe I can be much more professional. I learned that when writing I can portray myself to be anything I want but it is important to be honest and true in my writing so that when I meet people in real life they don’t have some false expectations about me from something they may have read by me, such as emails, business letters, etc. As far as online goes, I do not portray myself in a very professional way and I need to make sure I edit and keep my social media accounts appearing nicer than they have been in my younger days. I made a LinkedIn account! And in terms of that I seem very professional and would like to portray all of my social media as well as I did with LinkedIn.

As far as my writing goes, I discovered many things that I liked. I realized that I could write professionally and gained much confidence. If I were now contacting future employers, I would feel confident that I would come across as knowledgeable and professional through my writing style. I know how to find sources with insightful information, how to keep my work professional through text size and font, how to present information formally, and all around just a better sense for how to write with flow and confidence.  One thing I really liked was learning how to convey a message to different particular audiences through emotion.  I liked learning about how other company’s do that and look forward to helping the future companies that I work for be successful in that category. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and am amazed at how successful I was throughout the course. I have never really been a “writer” per say, and now I would say that I am!



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