Kelsi’s Reflections on Writing 3040

To prepare for the job market I plan on continuing my intern and making an impact at my lake-430508__340company. I have been trying to do as much research in my industry as I can when working on projects in order to give advice to my managers. By doing so, I have been a reliable source for information and been given opportunities to make decisions. I want to continue doing these sort of tasks and help re-brand the company. This will help me to prepare for the job market by being able to put these tasks under my belt and onto my resume.

In addition, doing these things helps my personal brand and authenticity grow. My personal brand is to work hard and have fun in whatever it is that I am doing. Because I love my job so much, I am able to put in a lot of research and make great suggestions. If I continue to do so I will make a big impact on the industry. Doing what I love is a big part of why I am successful in my internship. Staying excited about your job is an important rule to success!

In this class I learned that I should portray myself more realistically and not to be as formal when communicating via email, text, etc. When people use big words and complex sentences in their emails it honestly looks kind of silly and fake when people do act very professional over a keyboard and are just an average joe in real life, so why not be myself when typing (even with this blog).

Not just in writing, but in my everyday life. At work and with my friends I have started to not hold back what I am thinking and different ideas I have. This has helped me in gaining traction in my job, but also helped me be more genuine in my relationship and with friends and family. I used to be embarrassed about getting excited about my career and things I am interested in because I thought people wouldn’t care. In all actuality, people do and want to support what you love. In some cases, they want to be a part of it.

I have discovered that I am way too uptight when I write. After relaxing and not being stressed about papers I have actually found that I do better and sound more genuine. This is what I like about my writing style. When I write now, I do it when I have time rather than making time for it. This has allowed me to enjoy doing it a lot more and grow to enjoy putting my thoughts on paper. When I was scheduling my time to write a paper I found myself to be very stressed and not getting anything done. As well, my papers were not turning out as authentic and sounded too professional.

pencil-918449__340In this course I excelled at leading my team and having good time management. Before meetings with my project team, I made sure to try to make an agenda of what to talk about so that our meetings did not stray off topic and we were able to get a lot done in a shorter amount of time, as well as being more efficient as a whole. On top of this, I helped coordinate deadlines and assigning tasks to each team member so that we all felt accountable. This also assisted our team in getting everything done on time and well written. Overall, this course helped me find my voice and took my leadership skills to a new level.


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