Meet Me, Nina (Rice)

Recognizable Me: What’s up class! I’m Nina (Rice), there is two Ninas in this class, so don’t get us confused… I’m the blonde one! I’m twenty years old and a rising junior at the CU Boulder. I am majoring in Classics, which is Greek and Latin studies for those of you who are unfamiliar with the department. I am also minoring in Business, with hopes to one day work in a museum as a curator. Originally from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia in an area called East Cobb, I came to Boulder to expand my horizons, meet new people, and experience a different part of America (Colorado and Georgia are very, very different). So, if you ever catch me saying “y’all,” I do apologize. This is a photo of me taken outside an amazing gelato place on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder called Two Spoons. I might of only had gelato once a day for two weeks straight while touring Italy.. But I like to think of myself as a connoisseur. Two Spoons is so good, even when it’s a little chilly out (which it appears to have been in this photograph).

Where I’m At: After finishing my sophomore year at CU, I came back to Georgia to spend my summer at home. Although the summer has not been as exotic as previous ones, I am enjoying my time having a break from full time school and getting to do a lot of the things I do not normally have as much time for during the year as I would like. I also work part time at a yoga, cycle, and kick-box studio called BURN. I’m not an instructor or anything like that, I just work the front desk. So before you assume I’m so workout maniac, let me make clear that that is not the case.

What I Want: I really want to be able to further advice my writing skills in a general aspect, as well as learn to apply my skills in a more formal, professional manner. I love to write and have done well with school papers in the past where my own opinion is important and I have interest in the material. As part of being a classics major, the majority of my grades come from term papers, rather then a traditional test, and I tend to not only enjoy, but do well with these evaluations. But, while creative writing has always been a strength, I often do not do so well in more formal drafts or writing to a professional audience.

Also, studying Business, I hope that this class will give me insight into the “language” of business, in the sense of my portfolio and branding myself, in order to make myself more unique and qualified in the job market. I want to be able to appropriately express myself and get my point across without sounding juvenile or inexperienced, in a condensed, respectful manner.

Where to Find Me: If you can’t find me at work, or at home laying by the pool with my dog, I am probably out on the town finding some live music at a near by hole in the wall with my friends. Local indie music has always been something I have been passionate about, and I love seeing just about any type of live music. Just last weekend, I spent a couple days in Athens, which is where the University of GA is located, at a music festival called AthFest. It is put on annually ever summer to benefit music programs in local high schools. Two of my all time favorite bands, Family and Friends, and Wieuca, played on Friday night, and a lot of my friend’s bands on Saturday. Below is a picture I took during Family and Friends.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

 I’m also really interested in and enjoy making art. My instagram is pretty boring, but my Pinterest boards are really where you can tell the most about me and see my interest in art/interior design. But, if I’m back in Boulder, I do love the cliché and all too basic Chautauqua hike in the fall/spring, and skiing in the winter. 


2 thoughts on “Meet Me, Nina (Rice)

  1. Hey Nina,
    I picked up y’all long ago, from my southern friends and Indiana roots (the closer to Kentucky you get, the more likely people are to start with a twang), so you can expect to hear it from me too. I hope you’ll find the shift from academic writing to professional style to be a comfortable one. My background is in English Lit, so I’m very familiar with an extremely formal, academic tone and I found the shift to be extremely pleasant (no more opaque sentences! YAY!). Welcome to class.

  2. Hi Blonde Nina,
    I would love to hear all about living in Georgia! The South is the one part of the US I’m yet to visit and so desperately want to, but I also will probably avoid it like the plague during the summer because humidity is not my best friend. I also couldn’t help myself but follow a couple of your boards. Your interior design style is almost spot on to mine so I’m excited to see what you pin!

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