Meet me, Gina!

IMG_0217Recognizable you: Hey everyone! My name is Gina Antonietti.  I am 19 years old and I was born and raised in Chicago but now I live in Colorado during the school year and attend the University of Colorado Boulder.  This is a picture that my friend took of me on a porch one day this summer after eating some tacos.   

Where you’re at: This summer I’m living at home with my mom and brother.  I live about ten minutes from downtown Chicago in a neighborhood called Lincoln Park.  I am currently working full-time at a rooftop bar called The J. Parker which is located on the 13th floor of the Hotel Lincoln.  The bar was named The J. Parker after President Lincoln’s bodyguard who was actually out having a drink when Lincoln was shot (get it?).

Despite the early morning and late night shifts, I absolutely love my job.  I am extremely lucky to have such amazing coworkers that make the long hours worth it.  This upcoming school year, I’ll be a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder pursuing a degree in Advertising and Marketing.  Recently I have been focusing on networking with people in the Ad industry.  I have set up a couple of shadow days in which I will be able to meet people who work for different advertising agencies and get a feel for what their job is like.  Currently I am interested in the account management and planning side of advertising, which is why I decided to incorporate marketing into my studies.  

What you want: I am very eager to improve my professional writing skills while still conveying my personality through my writing.  I think that it’s extremely important to be genuine and authentic in your writing so that your audience becomes more interested into getting to know who you actually are.  I’m also really looking forward to updating my resume and LinkedIn profile.  

I think this class will be beneficial when looking for potential internships and job opportunities.  I am looking to stand out to companies and I think that this class will help me create some distinction between my resume and the thousands of other applicants.  I am also looking to show more of my creative side because that is something that employers, especially in the field that I intend to go into, look for.  I want to share my ideas with others while still maintaining professionalism.     

Where to find you: I enjoy biking around the city and getting brunch with friends.  So far I have managed to go to brunch at least two times a week since I’ve been back home… not sure if most people would consider that an accomplishment but I’m a total foodie and I love trying new places.  Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of James Taylor which makes me miss road trips because it’s all my parents would listen to while driving.  When I’m not working, biking, or brunching, you can find me shopping around Wicker Park or hanging out with my friends in some outdoor setting.  

My favorite part about summertime in Chicago is that there is so much to do outside.  I try to go to as many outdoor events as possible.  I recently went to The Old Town Art Fair with my dad a couple of weeks ago which was a lot of fun although the art was just a little (a lot) bit out of my price range.  This upcoming week I will be headed to New York for four days with some friends, which I’m extremely excited about because I’ve never been to New York.  My goal this summer is to be productive and focused while still balancing time to enjoy my summer.  


8 thoughts on “Meet me, Gina!

  1. Gina,
    I love that these first three posts have gone: Nina, Nina and Gina. I love some good alliteration. Yes to James Taylor. Yes to authentic voice in writing. And all the yes to brunch. (I adore brunch and even have a shirt that says “Viva La Brunch”). Welcome to class.

  2. Hi Gina,

    I absolutely love tacos, my favorite place in Boulder is called Sanchos (it’s on 28th and Iris). If you haven’t gone, you must when you get back! I also am a huge foodie and am obsessed with brunch and just breakfast food in general. Living in Spain it was IMPOSSIBLE to find good brunch and I lived on toast with margarine for 6 months. I swear it was actual torture.

    Enjoy New York,

  3. Hey Gina,

    If you love brunch, I am sure you’ve been to Snooze. The. Best. Place. Ever. But if you don’t always want to wait like 45 minutes to be seated, check out Sam’s diner down in Denver, it was named the best breakfast place in Colorado by Food Network! I hope you have fun in New York, hopefully the weather isn’t too hot, but I’ve heard that its killer during the summer.


  4. Hi Gina!
    Chicago is on my list for places that I want to visit! I hear Lincoln Park is a really pretty area too! Wow, that’s interesting about how the J. Parker got it’s name. It sounds like you’re really enjoying your job which is so nice and probably makes working full-time fly by. I love brunch too! That’s very impressive you make sure to get your weekly brunches in with your busy schedule. Hopefully New York’s brunches wont disappoint!

    Have an amazing time on your trip,

  5. Hey Gina!

    I’ve never been to Chicago other than flying thru the airports there but it is a favorite travel destination of my parents! I bet there are some awesome views at the rooftop bar you work at. Like others said, that is really cool how it got its name. Unfortunate for Lincoln, but definitely a great story behind the name. Shadowing professionals should be an interesting experience as well. You can’t really get that type of first hand experience many other ways so I’m sure that will be extremely beneficial.


  6. Hi Gina!
    It sounds like you are really on top of things! Between your summer job and shadowing people in the advertising industry, it certainly seems like you are on a path to success. Chicago seems amazing, i’ve only been once but brunch and biking around the city seems great. I also love being outside, especially in the summer.


  7. Hi Gina!
    So incredibly jealous that you are so close to Chicago. It’s one of those cities that I visited when I was super young, but I remember all of 3% of that trip so I’d LOVE to visit again. I hope you enjoy your trip to New York. I actually grew up in upstate NY and my aunt and uncle live near the city so I spent quite a bit of time all over the state. It’s a whole different kind of beautiful and exciting than that of Colorado, and that of Chicago I’m assuming.

  8. Gina,
    As a self proclaimed history buff, I enjoyed your pun about Abraham Lincoln’s body guard. I have never been to Chicago, but if I ever come to visit I will make sure to stop by J. Parker’s for a drink and enjoy the rooftop view! Working full time must be a crazy commitment, so nice work on also being able to balance in some shadow days. Hope all goes well!

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