Meet Me, Carly!

thumb_IMG_0195_1024Recognizable me: Hey everyone! My name is Carly Haney and I am going to be a senior this upcoming fall at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Parker, Colorado which is about 25 minutes outside of Denver. This is a picture of me eating one of my favorite foods, a crepe, in one of my favorite places, Breckenridge. If you haven’t been to Crepes a la Carte, you need to go, they are seriously life changing!

Where you’re at: I am currently spending my summer mostly in Boulder, with the occasional weekend trips to Parker and other more exciting (not that exciting) places. I usually spend my summers down in Parker full time, so this was a little bit of a change. I decided this summer was the summer to not work at the restaurant that I have been working at for about 6 years (on and off). Thank goodness for that!

I am a little more than halfway done with my summer internship at Particle Measuring Systems. I had never heard of the company either, but this internship gave me the opportunity to do some real hands on marketing tasks that I have yet to experience in class. The job has taken a bit of adjusting due to my lack of knowledge in the science/engineer areas and also not being used to sitting at a desk for 40 hours of my week. It is not my dream job, but I have enjoyed getting to know some marketing programs and getting way more experience than I would be if I were just serving people food. I am still learning how to balance my work weeks with some summer fun, so far I have not been super successful on the fun front.

At CU, I am in Leeds pursuing a Marketing degree while also working on a TAM certificate to help myself improve in the technology side of things.

What you want: From this class, my main focus is how to make my writing stand out in the business world. I always hear from businesses that they choose a person whose resume is creative or a person had a creative cover letter. I want to learn how to stand out while also sounding business professional. I struggle finding this balance and feel as if my personality is lost when writing business pieces. I really need to work on how to establish my tone and make it always present, no matter what I am writing.

Also, I am always hearing about how important a LinkedIn profile is, but have yet to really build up my profile. I realize this can really help me look for jobs for after graduation so I need to focus on perfecting my current ‘lazy’ profile. Lastly, I like any opportunity I have to improve my writing. I like to think I know how to write but there is always something new to learn.

Where to find you: This summer I have been making the attempt to become more outdoorsy. I have always loved to go hiking but I want to go more than the occasional 3-4 times I usually go during the summer (I am dying to go to Maroon Bells in Aspen just for the  beautiful scenery). I really want to go camping since I have never been (crazy I know).

I also love trying new places to eat. I have been big into ice cream this summer and I fall more in love with Little Man’s ice cream in LoDo every time I go there. I love to cook, but mostly bake any time I get the chance. I am on Pinterest all the time pinning mostly food and desserts. This summer, I have also been able to go to my first country concert (Jason Aldean) a couple weekends ago. I had always hated country music before I came to college, but now I can’t get enough (I am not a huge fan of the super “honky tonk” stuff though)!

I would like to say that you could find me at some beachy and exotic places this summer  but I only have plans to travel within the United States so far. I am looking for a good road trip to take!



8 thoughts on “Meet Me, Carly!

  1. Hey there Carly,
    I’m from Parker too. My mama lives in the Pinery and I wish I were sitting on her deck sipping tea right now, more than just about anything, so I’ll say your trips home sound pretty great to me. I’m not having the “funnest” summer ever over here either. Teaching both A and B term hasn’t left me a lot of time for it. But I am the queen of road trips and I think you should take one to Grand Teton National Park if you get the chance this summer (8 hours from you) or Great Sand Dunes National Park (about 4 hours from you).

    But y’know, Castlewood Canyon is always there as well. 🙂


  2. Hey Carly!
    I think that I actually have been to Crepes a la Carte one weekend in Breckenridge, and I do have to agree, they are very life changing! I’m sorry to hear that your job this summer isn’t your dream job, but on the bright side you’re in Boulder and its a switch up from the restaurant! I would definitely consider Maroon Bells a “Bucket List” item, its absolutely breath taking… If you get a chance to go, go! I’m also such a sucker for country music so I am happy to hear that my boy, Jason, left a good impression on you! Hopefully the more you listen the more it’ll grow on you this summer!


  3. Hi Carly,

    I am definitely going to have to stop by Crepes a la Carte in Breckenridge. I have passed it numerous times in town after skiing and have never parked to indulge. I have also taken on an internship on an industry that I did not have previous experience with. I have found it to be a fun challenge and I have learned a lot. I have also found the 40 hour work week paychecks to feel extra rewarding.


  4. Hey Carly!
    Jealous to hear that you’re spending most of your summer in Boulder, I miss it so much! You definitely should try to get over to Maroon Bells if you can! A couple of my friends and I went to Aspen for a weekend in September and I am so glad we made that one of our destinations. The pictures do not do it justice at all — it’s unreal. Also not going to lie, Jason Aldean is definitely one of my most listened to pandora stations.


  5. Hey Carly!
    I’m from Castle Rock, so I’m super familiar with the area. I also am spending my first summer away from home. The Boulder Bubble is one thing, but the Douglas County Bubble is a whole other story. It’s super comforting being home, but it’s also fun to get outside that comfort zone. Also couldn’t help but laugh at your comment about not loving the 40-hour, desk-ridden work week. Whoever decided that should be the standard for jobs was sorely mistaken, but I do hope you find time to explore!

  6. Hey Carly!
    Parker is an awesome area to explore. Crepes a la Carte is also one of my favorite places to eat… Easily the best crepes in Colorado. I find it interesting that you are pursuing a TAM certificate. I heard a lot of positive thing about this and was wondering how you felt about it? It is great that you are trying to spend more time outside this summer and I wish you the best with your year!


  7. Hey Carly,
    I as well love a good crepe and always enjoy a day skiing in Breck! Jason Aldean is one of my favorite country artists, and I have seen him live many times. I’m glad you got to see him live and realize his talent. I would really suggest the trip to Maroon Bells, as it is simply a beautiful place. I also decided not to work in the restaurant I have spent previous summers employed at in attempts to find a job more focused with my major, but ended up working at a yoga and cycle studio, so congrats on landing a job that is giving you some valuable experience!

  8. Hi Carly!

    Crepes a la Cart is seriously my favorite place in the world! I have to go every time I’m in Breck! I backpacked in the Maroon Bells last summer and it was so beautiful, so you HAVE to make it down there! In high school Jason Aldean was my favorite country artists too (even have a signed guitar). I definitely understand what you’re saying about necessarily enjoying spending all week at a desk chair, but its worth the experience.


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