Introductions: Drew Abernethy

FullSizeRenderRecognizable Me: Hello everyone! My name is Drew Abernethy, I am 21 years old and hail from Charlottesville, Virginia. I will be a Senior this coming Fall studying Entrepreneurship & Operations in the business school. That being said, I took an unconventional path to CU as I actually transferred in beginning of my Junior year. Previously, I played lacrosse at a small school on the coast of Virginia. I came to CU looking for more out of my college experience and just life in general. I couldn’t be happier to be living and going to school in Boulder and taking advantage of everything Colorado has to offer.

This is a picture of me at one of my favorite Colorado destinations: Red Rocks! I love live music and you will more than likely always find me there with this big of a smile on my face.

Where I’m at: As of this very moment, writing this blog post, I am at home in Virginia for the week. It has been nice to be able to spend time with family and hometown friends over the holiday weekend. Soon though I will be headed back to Colorado to continue my internship. This summer I am working full time as an Operations Intern for a software company in Broomfield. Surprisingly, the last internship I applied to ended up being the one I landed, and it has been an awesome experience so far.

What I want: I am excited to learn how to maintain my personal writing voice across all styles of writing, formal and informal. I think it would be great to broadcast my personality and voice through all writing avenues while not having it dumbed down by what academia typically asks of you. One’s own voice has the ability to get a message across in a much more effective manner than a “standard” voice.

From my internship experience, I have come to discover writing is the basis of a lot of initial communication. Whether it be email campaigns, social media outreach, or internal communication, sound writing is crucial. I hope to hone my professional writing skills through this course so that I may better communicate in the business world.

Where to find Me: My typical summer weekday is unfortunately spent inside working, but luckily the sun doesn’t set til super late! After sitting, working eight hours a day I absolutely NEED physical activity and find myself a lot of the time trying to fit too many activities into my afternoon and evening. Some of these activities include hiking, mountain biking, playing lacrosse or ice hockey, or working out at the rec. If you couldn’t tell I am very active and always allocate time to be spent outside everyday. I mean, how could you not while living in the beautiful state of Colorado? Check out my Instagram to see some photos of my adventures! I save weekends for bigger adventures like concerts at Red Rocks, camping & backpacking, and hiking 14ers! In the winter you will find me on the mountain skiing til I drop.

On the other hand, I also have a very creative side. I own and operate my own Etsy store where I design, manufacture, and sell collectible lapel pins centered around my favorite electronic music. Some of these artists include GRiZ, Gramatik, and Pretty Lights. Creating this Etsy store has been such a fun and rewarding experience as I have been able to combine my passion for live music and love of graphic design into a successful business! It is an awesome feeling to be standing in the crowd at Red Rocks and seeing someone repping your work and supporting your vision.


8 thoughts on “Introductions: Drew Abernethy

  1. Drew,
    I love that Red Rocks pin! I love music (and Red Rocks!). Even though it would have been hotter than Hades, I wanted to go to Bonnaroo again this year, but it’s hard to teach business writing from The Farm, so I skipped it, but one of my favorite memories of all time is seeing Pretty Lights there a few years ago with my best friend. Glad to have you in class, and I’m sure your design skills will be an asset to you later in the semester.


  2. Hi Drew,

    Red Rocks is one of my absolute favorite places too, my next concert there is Flume in August. I’m so excited! I love GRiZ, Gramatik and Pretty Lights as well. I’ve seen Pretty Lights almost too many times to count, especially at Red Rocks. That’s really impressive that you made the change to come to CU your junior year of college, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to do that!


  3. Hi Drew!
    I know what you mean, after being stuck in an office all day the only thing I want to do is to be active outside too! Your internship sounds very interesting and congrats on landing it, it sounds like it was pretty meant to be. Colorado really does inspire people to be very active and outdoorsy, thats one of my favorite things about it. I’m jealous you have been to red rocks so many times! I always want to go but I never end up actually pulling the trigger, its definitely one of my goals to get over there this upcoming fall!


  4. Drew,

    Welcome to Colorado! It sounds like you’ve adjusted to the Rocky Mountain lifestyle quite nicely. I actually grew up back East as well in upstate New York. While I miss it fiercely, Colorado is too incredible to pass up.
    I also LOVE that you have your own Etsy site. I love when people can stay in touch with their creative side even while they pursue a more corporate career. Never let that go!


  5. Hey Drew,
    I’m glad your internship has been such a great experience for you so far! I love Red Rocks too! Every time I have gone there its been great weather and the venue is unbeatable. Your Etsy store is awesome. Thats a great way to get involved and gain some creative and management experience.


  6. Drew,
    I also just noticed that we share majors/emphasis! For my career path, I hope to start a business involving music or art. What are you interested in? After looking at your site I saw how well done your pins are. Pretty Lights is outstanding live, I’ve seen Derek in Telluride and it was fantastic. I wish your luck with this class and your year and maybe we will cross paths in class or at Red Rocks.


  7. Hey Drew!
    Glad you have found your place at CU! What school did you go to in Virginia? I have a few friends who play lacrosse up and down the east coast as some small schools. I’m sure CU has been a much different experience, but good to hear you are enjoying it. Also, your Etsy store looks very cool. I try to buy a lot of my jewelry and gifts from Etsy to support the artists. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi Drew,

    I’m happy that you’ve finally found your spot at CU, better late than never! I definitely know what you’re saying about wanting to take in everything Colorado has to offer. I’m from out of state too, so coming here I feel like there’s so much stuff to be doing everyday! I work a lot to, so trying to fit in all the activities and adventure can be difficult, so I understand that! I’m very jealous you go to Red Rocks so often, I’ve only gotten to see one show so far this year!


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