Jonay Don’t Play

IMG_1446Recognizable Me: Hey, I’m Jonay! This is me…in a hot dog hat. I am originally from Santa Maria, CA, which is just north of Santa Barbara. I have had the pleasure of living in Boulder, CO for the last 5 years. I am a senior in college studying Finance.

I am beyond excited to graduate in May. Right now my eyes are on the prize, and I am focussed on getting as much of the Leeds School of Business as possible. I will be fifth of six kids to graduate from the University of Colorado. The black sheep chose Valparaiso University. She roots for the wrong team, and she knows it.

I feel very grateful  to be a part of such a big family. It is truly a gift, and so much fun. I am fortunate enough that three of my sister, including my 1 year old nephew and 3 year old niece, live right here in Colorado.

Where you are at: 10:45 PM: the kitchen table of my apartment regretting procrastinating this assignment to the last minute. In normal life and for the summer though, I am adjusting to my new job at a startup company based out of Boulder. I have worked at Wells Fargo full time for the last four and a half years, and just made the decision to seek fulfillment instead of monetary value. I left Wells, and am now working for one of my clients who poached me. Its a startup, and I am fortunately getting my hands dirty in a lot of different things.

Because I committed myself to this, “fulfillment” I have decided that I need get more out of school. So for the summer, I am confined to the walls of my bedroom studying. I am trying to graduate on time, and am figuring out what the heck my next step of life is

What you want: Through this course, I would really like to enhance my writing skills and vocabulary. I took a writing course my freshman year where the teacher told me I was stupid, dumb, and not good enough to be in college. Although I tried not to take this too personally, because I knew I was capable, it brought much of my confidence down about expressing myself in the classroom.

Through this course I would like to gain the confidence I need to not be timid when using writing to express my thoughts and feelings because of grammar. I am an avid journaler. I love to read, and I know that I have the capabilities to convey a message through my rhetoric. It just takes a little practice.

Where to find you: The best place to find me when I’m not working or studying on the IMG_0251weekdays is running with my dog Miss Mona. Mona is a black lab pit, who I rescued from the shelter a year and a half ago. I also am just getting into Crossfit and weightlifting.

This past New Year’s, I put in my resolution to knock off bucket listers. So on the weekends you will find me hiking around Colorado. Seeing artists I have always wanted to see ie. Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead.  Exploring with Mona, and enhancing my Santa Maria Style Barbecue with a Paleo twist. Follow me on Instagram @bbqbiddy.


One thought on “Jonay Don’t Play

  1. Hi Jonay!
    I am digging the hot dog hat! I used to have a similar bucket hat with pineapples all over but I sadly misplaced it. Rest in Peace, pineapple hat. I applaud you for switching to a more fulfilling job. I have found fulfilling work much more satisfying at the end of the day but making money is also very important. I have found a very nice balance this summer with my internship.


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