Meet me: Sammy Greenwald

IMG_4499Recognizable me: Hi everyone! My name is Samantha (Sammy) Greenwald. I am 21 years old and will be a senior in Leeds this fall where I am majoring in Finance and minoring in Spanish and Leadership. I am actually a born and raised “Boulderite” and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

If you can’t tell, this picture was taken in Rome, outside of the Coliseum. I spent the last 6 months studying abroad in Alicante, Spain and was in Rome for my birthday! Not many people have heard of where I went but it is a beautiful city, right on the beach, and located 6 hours south of Barcelona. I had the most amazing time and adventures there and it definitely went by way too fast. On my Instagram, I have tons of photos if anyone is curious about my time away!

Where I’m at: I just arrived home last week from Europe and have spent the past few days settling in. I am living in Boulder this summer at my parents house. I found a subletter who could stay January-August and figured I may as well enjoy a fully stocked fridge and someone doing my laundry while I still can.

I just started work this week and I am interning part-time at two different companies. I am working with the Director of Finance at Boulder Organic Foods, and at Ozuke. These are both natural food companies in the Boulder area and they are doing some great things for our world!

Along with this class, I am taking American History through Baseball, if anyone is a baseball fanatic please let me know, as I have absolutely no knowledge in that area. So, after a six month “vacation” in Europe I am jumping back into things full swing.

What I want: I was always taught that my voice should rarely be in my writing. I am curious to learn how to let my voice shine through while still maintaining a professional tone. Writing has always been a struggle for me and I’m hoping that this class will give me the tools I need to make it easier.

I have no experience with WordPress and would love to learn such a necessary skill. I consider myself quite technologically challenged and so this class presents the perfect opportunity to improve. Blogging is not something I’ve ever done before so I’m excited to give it a shot as well.

Although I keep my LinkedIn Profile quite up to date, I’d love to get more tips on how to make it really stand out. I know many recent graduates who actually got jobs through LinkedIn and hopefully I’ll be able to get mine to that level.

Where to find me: When I’m not at work or studying this summer, you can most likely find me hiking, at the creek, or in my kitchen. I missed my dog more than anything this past semester and my favorite thing to do with her is to take her hiking up Sanitas Mountain Trail. Her name is Stella, she is a Goldendoodle and just turned two this week!

My family is from Australia and most of my favorite childhood memories are from Bondi Beach in Sydney. This stemmed my obsession with water and since there is obviously no ocean here, I find the creek a (far behind) second. I love tubing, doing the rope swing or just hanging with friends and dipping our feet in the water.

I absolutely love cooking, I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than cooking and eating a delicious meal. I love watching Tasty videos and then trying to recreate them. Sometimes they end in disaster but I have had a few successful tries as well. This summer my parents are part of a Community Food Share program and so we get fresh produce from a farm every week. It’s so much fun trying to figure out what to do with a full bag of tomatillos or fava beans.



7 thoughts on “Meet me: Sammy Greenwald

  1. Hey Sammy!
    First off, I am super jealous of you studying abroad this last semester. A lot of my friends were also studying abroad this semester so I tried to live vicariously through their Instagrams! I heard Rome does not live up to all the hype(due to the amount of tourists everywhere), which is disappointing because I have always wanted to go there. You may have a different opinion though! I also love watching those Tasty videos that I see on Facebook, they can be a good distraction!

  2. Hi Sammy!
    Welcome back to America! It sounds like you had an amazing time in Europe, and very cool that your town was located right on the beach. I have never been to Europe so I love hearing stories and seeing pictures of people’s adventures. Lucky you for getting that sub-leaser for the summer! I’m hoping I can find one easily for spring semester so that I can go abroad too (Hopefully somewhere in Europe also). On another note, thats so lucky that you found something that ties your passion to your work in regards to your summer job! You know what they say…”Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

  3. Hi Sammy!
    I am SO jealous that your family is from Australia. I have never been but if I can go abroad that I am definitely going to Sydney! A couple of my friends went there last semester and it looked amazing. On another note I also love cooking, well actually just food in general. I can literally watch those “Tasty” videos for hours.

  4. Hi Sammy!
    We share a passion for culinary creation and tasty videos… I was wondering if you had a favorite recipe that you would like to share? I am also jealous of your opportunities to explore in Europe and experience such a unique culture.

  5. Hi Sammy!
    We share a passion for culinary creation and tasty videos… I was wondering if you had a favorite recipe that you would like to share? I am also jealous of your opportunities to explore in Europe and experience such a unique culture. Is there a certain place in Spain you would recommend for anyone to see?

  6. Hi Sammy,

    Also super jealous of you studying abroad! The thought has crossed my mind numerous times but I have never pulled the trigger. I kind of see living in Boulder as my almost “abroad” living, being from Virginia, but obviously not nearly quite the same. I am also a frequent hiker and always find myself wanting a dog to join me. Sadly, my family has never had a dog since we like to travel a lot.


  7. Hi Sammy!
    I’m so jealous of your time abroad! Its really cool that you went to a smaller town that isn’t as well known, I’m sure you got a great experience out of that. I hike Sanitas once a week, so I’m sure I’ve seen you there! I really wish I liked cooking as much of you, I’m one of those people that can’t even boil water, maybe I need to watch more Tasty videos! Sounds like you’re busy with interning and school! Sorry I can’t help with any baseball stuff!


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