New Chances

Stuck in Old Ways: Growing up, I had always been more on the shy side and was determined to not let those shy tendencies follow me into college. We would all like to think that we do not care about what others think of us, but this is human nature. We can’t not care about what people think. I wanted to put myself into a situation that would maybe help me get over caring as much as I did. What better situation to put myself in than in a process where I know that I am being judged (all for good reason, of course).

Being in the business school, I had always heard about ‘business fraternities’. A few of my friends had joined in the previous semester, so I figured this was the chance to put myself out there and try to get over my nerves. Having my friends already in the fraternity was a double edged sword. It was comforting to have people I knew during the recruitment process but that meant more pressure. What if I didn’t get in and all my friends did? I tried to push back this feeling of embarrassment and try to think of the positives.

The Hot Seat: Each semester Delta Sigma Pi only invites about 25-30 kids to join the fraternity and there were over 60 kids in the ongoing process. So my odds were about 50/50. A lot of the recruitment events were meant to make you come out of your comfort zone and mimicked business situations. You had to be aggressive in getting your time to talk to members, if you did not talk to enough members, no one would remember you. My most dreaded task was an interview portion, which was the last stage to go through until decisions were made. During the interview you are asked a series of interview questions, just like an actual interview for a job. I have read countless articles on giving the best interview, but I felt even more nervous that my interviewers were going to be my peers. I was terrified of this. Four or five of my peers were going to be able to see the panic in my eyes and see me fidgeting in my seat. They were going to see right through the calm façade that I was trying to put on.

Realization: I walked out of my ‘interview’ with mixed emotions. I was worried that I blew everything with my nervous nature, but then realized that I was glad that I even did the process. I would have never done something like this before I came to college. I always let fear and thumb_IMG_0069_1024anxiety hold me back from doing things that might make great changes in my life. Being vulnerable sitting in that interview chair and waiting for the answer, brought me anxiety but also broke me out of my comfort zone. I became a member of Delta Sigma Pi that week and have loved being a part of the fraternity. Opening myself up to the possibility of rejection gave me some of the best experiences that I have had in college so far. I have met some of my best friends that I may have never met otherwise (the business school is huge!).

Now going through the recruitment process on the other side, I see that I am now a member because I was myself. It is pretty obvious when someone is ‘putting on a show’ and that really does make people question who you actually are. Seeing someone who is vulnerable lets you see what kind of person they are, not who they are pretending to be

4 thoughts on “New Chances

  1. Carly,
    That’s so creative and brave to put yourself in a situation to be judged, when something you wanted to stop doing was caring what people think. Having gone through the recruitment process myself, I totally understand the nerves and fears of being judged under pressure. I also really like the point you made about how “seeing someone who is vulnerable lets you see what kind of person they are.” It goes to show people need vulnerability to be truly authentic. Congratulations on Delta Sigma Pi! They are very lucky to have you.


  2. Carly,

    I forgive you for being in Delta Sig, I’m in AKPsi! I know exactly what you are talking about, rushing was so so nerve-wracking. I remember sitting on my hands during my interview to keep my hands from shaking.That was such a good idea to try and get yourself out of your comfort zone by doing that though and congratulations on getting in!


  3. Hi Carly!
    Congrats on Delta Sigma Pi! Although I am not in a business fraternity, I am in a sorority and I definitely understand that the recruitment process can be very scary and intimidating. I remember leaving houses thinking that I totally blew it because I probably said the wrong thing or messed up in some way. Now being on the other side of recruitment I totally agree with you. I am a member because I was myself and it is easy to see when someone isn’t. I agree, being vulnerable definitely helps in this situation!


  4. Hey Carly!

    Congrats for being accepted to Delta Sigma Pi! That is an awesome accomplishment. I think that one of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone is to allow yourself to fail and to embrace it because most of the time people are mostly scared of failing or disappointing others. Props to you for challenging yourself and taking a chance at the possibility of rejection, that is very brave of you!


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