Meet Me: Molly D.

IMG_9238Recognizable Me:

Hi! My name is Molly Dean. I am 21 years old and about to start my senior year. This picture was taken a hot minute before I was attacked by mosquitos. I started as a Petroleum Engineer at Colorado School of Mines, transferred to CU to study Accounting and Finance, (wisely) dropped Accounting, and am currently pursuing a Finance degree in hopes of one day owning and operating a small event and floral design studio. It’s been the most twisted journey getting to where I’m at, but I could not be more excited to finally be on a path to my dream job that I am overly passionate about.


Where I’m At:

I’m from Castle Rock and have spent the greater majority of my life living here in Colorado. I always thought people were idiots for ever leaving this beautiful and perfect state, but for whatever reason I am living in Minneapolis for the summer. I visited Minnesota the past two summers and the Midwest stole my heart. That’s likely because I’ve yet to endure a Midwest winter, but I’m enjoying my oblivion for now. The humidity is something fierce and the accents are killing me, but I think I’ll stay for now. Or I’ll flee back to Colorado. I’ll keep you posted on that.

This career field takes a lot of acquired skill and trust. It’s a long road learning the very basics, but to learn just that you have to find an event coordinator or florist who’s willing to take the risk to hire a novice. I have a desire to move to Minnesota post-graduation so I figured my best bet was to move out the summer prior and intern. It took approximately 6 million emails, but I have the best internship with Thistle and Blooms, an incredible wedding florist. I’ve learned so much in the past month and a half (ex. flowers smell like something that crawls straight out of the sewer after a good week or so). Regardless, I’ve made thousands of connections in the wedding industry here  and they have all reassured me time and time again that event and floral design is the absolute best fit for me.


What You Want:

I’ve spent three of my four years of college on the fast track to a traditional, corporate career. I was drilled in how to communicate in the formal environment, but the wedding industry is a grey area. While professionalism is key, it’s also crucial to be casual and personable so clients feel comfortable in every meeting. Professionalism allows clients to trust in your abilities to execute every detail of their important day, while maintaining your own style of voice speaks to your creative style and makes for an effective client/designer relationship.

One part of this class I’m really looking forward to is the personal branding unit. The 15 seconds that a bride spends looking at my website or Instagram, alongside 47 other designers, can make or break a contract. Online presence is my best bet at being a successful designer. Well I guess that and skill, but that’s neither here nor there.


Where to Find Me:

Probably at Torchy’s Tacos 379 pins deep on Pinterest or stalking someone’s Instagram (and one mistaken like away from embarrassing myself). At least when I’m home in Colorado. I also have a habit of driving aimlessly through the mountains. My car’s mileage does not appreciate it, but my wanderlust heart is all about it. Being in Minnesota for the summer means that all I can do in my free time is float on the river or go tubing on the lake, so basically it’s been a tough summer and my life is really hard.


7 thoughts on “Meet Me: Molly D.

  1. Hi Molly!
    It is great to hear you have finally found your calling with event planning and floral design. Not only that, it great you were able to secure an internship within that industry AND in the location you see yourself at in the future. Props to you! Minnesota in the summer sounds fun and I’m sure the temperature there is consistently nice. Definitely hope to get up there an explore that area of the country eventually.


  2. Hey Molly!
    So glad to hear that i’m not the only one going through instagrams and accidentally liking a photo of someones third cousin twice removed. Tubing down the river in Minnesota sounds amazing, I am so jealous. Being from Connecticut we don’t really have much like that around here but it sounds like you have it made! Hope you’re enjoying your summer and getting the chance to drive around on new adventures!


  3. Hey Molly,
    Glad to hear your summer has been relaxing and fun! I also like driving in Colorado (I willingly drive people to the airport all of the time but just in Colorado). I’ve never been to Minnesota but it sounds like a beautiful place. Good luck with your career path! Sounds like you’ve got it together!


  4. Hey Molly,
    My step brother currently lives in Minneapolis and graduated with a degree in finance. I am also from Colorado and know how hard it is to leave nd spend time somewhere else. What high school did you go to? I think your choice to avoid the traditional corporate path is inspiring and I wish you luck with your senior year!


  5. Hey Molly,
    I have had a sorta similar experience with my path in school! I started as an Intergrative Physiology Major on the Pre-Med track, then added Classics as a minor, and after attempting to pass chemistry twice, I switched my major to Classics and added a Business minor. Needless to say, I can understand the complications of finding the right area of study! Owning your own event planning business sounds like a really fun job and I hope you the best!


  6. Hi Molly!
    I’m so happy that you like the Midwest! I’m from Wisconsin so I definitely know what you’re talking about with the accents (don’t worry you get used to it). The winters are horrible so try to keep avoiding them if you can! I’m very jealous that you know what you want to do with your life after college! Wish I could say the same! I recently discovered Torchy’s Tacos, and I totally agree, its so great. Have fun with the rest of your time in Minnesota!


  7. Molly-
    Thank you for the laugh. This was a delightful post. I’m a Colorado girl through and through (Parker is my hometown), but the Midwest has my heart for most of the year… BUT. THE. MOSQUITOS. ARE. KILLING. ME. Literally. Once a week I hope to die because of mosquito bites, and also humidity. Solidarity, girl.

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