Awareness in Celebrity News

The Basics: Rhetorical awareness and User-centered design are formatted to and for the audience. Rhetorical awareness is very persuasive writing, while UCD considers an audience’s expectations, characteristics, goals, context, etc. This particular design is focused on accommodating its viewers and doing so in the best possible way. This design is often seen on websites and blogs. As much as I may hate to admit it, I have a bad habit of staying up to date with celebrity news. I get all of the information I know from E news online. In contrast to other celebrity sites, E! does a good job of making sure that the information posted is truthful, and confirmed. It is a news source that readers and audiences feel they can trust.

Audience: The people at E! know that those reading their website are interested in fun, light hearted celebrity news. Therefore, as you can see on their website, it is very interactive and colorful. There are many articles to choose from and pictures everywhere you look. The goal of these articles is to keep their audience up to date on their favorite celebrities, but the people at E! know that it is only interesting to the audience if it is conveyed in an exciting and persuasive way. For example, when you log on to the website you immediately see “Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Talking Kids? Get the Scoop”. This headline encourages their audience to click, and read the article.

The Attraction: The people at E! also know that the majority of their audience comes from those who are into the latest news and technology. Which is why they created an instagram and twitter account. By posting photos with cliff hanging captions such as “Lea Michele and Robert Buckley have split after two months of dating. Details at” Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.20.11 PMfans are then persuaded to check out their website to get more details. Also, because of all of this connection to technology, the likelihood of shadow readers is increased. If someone is a big fan of instagram or twitter, they may come across the “enews” account and then go on to their website. Because their audience is usually teenagers and up, it is safe to assume that a lot of their viewers are active on social media and therefore have multiple ways of coming across their website.

User-centered documents are easy to navigate. This website is broken up into categories.Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.18.27 PM On the top of the site, it is headed with seven categories titled “News”, “Style”, “TV Scoop”, “Red Carpet”, “E! Shows”, “Events”, and “More”. These headings allow the readers to accomplish their goal of finding what they are looking for, in an easy and efficient way, while also giving them the opportunity to discover more articles that may interest them based on the category they choose. The articles often include multiple hyperlinks that will also take readers to different articles on similar topics, for convenience.  

Functionality: Sticking with the theme of efficiency, the articles posted on this website are not super long, wordy, essays. The writers often incorporate visuals such as a photo or video, along with a short article that simply gives the information that they have. This writing style allows readers to get the information that they want quickly and also gives them the opportunity to move on to the next article,Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.23.20 PM which is often suggested to them based off of their other searches. User-centered documents are meant to be easy to read, but not “dumbed down”. At the end of the day the purpose of this website is to convey the news to its audience, as simply and efficiently as possible while maintaining a professional appearance.



5 thoughts on “Awareness in Celebrity News

  1. Hi Nina!
    I enjoy keeping up with E! news as well. I could never put my finger on why exactly it was my go-to site, but now after reading your points, I understand why! It’s so easy to use and its really appealing aesthetically and how they write and publish their articles. I also follow their Instagram and love they do “sneak peak” captions that make you want to go check out their website like you mentioned! It is indeed a very efficient website with great current news!


  2. Hi Nina!
    You definitely hit the nail on the head when talking about some of their article titles. Whenever it says “You’ll Never What Happens Next” or “You Won’t Believe Who is Dating ___” I always have to read. It’s so frustrating because I always want to just have the quick answer, but it’s also a great marketing/advertising tactic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the need to go to those website after reading headlines like these.


  3. Hi Nina!
    I love E news! It’s a great way to pass time while still getting some form of entertainment. I agree that the website is extremely colorful and interactive which really does go along with the whole idea behind their brand. Their headlines are very attention grabbing which is a great way to get readers interested in reading their articles.


  4. Hi Nina!
    I also love E News! Their site is very user-friendly and a great way to catch up on the celebrity gossip. I love their headings, they just make you want to read the whole article! (but I also like how the articles aren’t very long) Thanks for sharing!


  5. Nina,

    Don’t know if E news is the most reliable news on celebrity gossip, but I will take your word for it. I too have guilty pleasure for E network( including embarrassingly enough Keeping Up With The Kardashians). I think the reason why this network is able to catch the eye of so many is because they are focussed on being user friendly. Its numbed down news that is easy to watch and easy to understand. It gives you insight into celebrities lives, which is often why people watch television. Thanks for sharing loved the insight.


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